Sunday, August 31, 2008

Discarga - Happy Night Electric Experience

Fuck yeah, I'm back with an (almost) working computer after two months away to poison blogfreaks again with killer music. First band I'm gonna post are Brazilian Thrash-killers Discarga. I already posted an old split of them with I Shot Cyrus though I undervaluted their side of the 12" back then. Hell, I saw these dudes 4 times this summer without getting bored even once. They're only three and they thrash more than a zombie army attack on a 80's splatter movie. This is their first (and one of the best) release: insane rythms lovers, portuguese sing-along freaks, this is for you!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Fullblast - Short Controlled Bursts

Fast Popunk from Canada.
It's really good.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh fuck, isn't this SIEGE rocking out on a Boston public access television show? 1984

Goddamn it, it's been a long time.
Hey, check this out:

Tom asked me to post this here. To be honest, this is fucking insane. I mean, I guess most of you know what SIEGE is all about, but this video points out how crazy these kids were back in 1984. The TV set is hilarious - this was shown on Public Access Television, it looks like they shot this in a classroom and forgot to take the flag out, or maybe it was some sort of a right-wing, asshole school and they demanded the flag to be shown in return for the space. Who knows. A true classic!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Genghis Tron Remixes

I wrote about these dudes some months ago, and they're here with a new exciting project: they've asked some of their favorite artists to do remixes to songs off their latest album, Board Up the House. It turned out to be tons of remixes so they divided them by 5 volumes, and this is the first one, put out by Temporary Residence Limited. This one includes four fresh remixes done by Steve Moore (Earth), Justrin Broadrick (Jesu, Napalm Death, Godflesh), Rob Crow (Pinback I think) and Eluvium. It turned out pretty good with 2 amazing remixes (Jesu and Eluvium) and two... interesting ones.

Genghis Tron Remixes Myspace

Monday, August 18, 2008


its a nice day, but its fucking too hot outside so I am here to make it better.
you can relax in your computer cube chair, hopefully you have an air condition, i don't.
this time i bring you COKE BUST a straight edge hardcore band from Washington dc. i think sXe is stupid but their music is kicking ass. there's a new wave of thrashcore/hardcore/power violence bands dripping out of every hole (its better then a million replicas of isis or neurosis for sure).
this one is a short EP called "fuck bar culture" (what a stupid name for an album) featuring 6 killer songs lasting less then 4 minutes.

download here

i put another album of the band WEEKEND NACHOS wich is also a "new star" in now days american hardcore scene. they play raw fast hardcore with nice vocals.

download here

Thursday, August 14, 2008


this is tokyo powerviolence.
"Slight Slappers are a fucking fast powerviolence band hailing from Tokyo, Japan since 1995, making them old enough to be my parents (not really). They play some hectic tight treble induced grind, the singer has a mighty screachy voice on him. Yet still very very good melodies and song stuctures, really interesting. You wont hear any breakdowns here, nothing but the best for this band."
i like it, what do you say?!


download here

Monday, August 4, 2008


a split with agoraphobic nosebleed and apartment 213 both American bands playing grindcore.

its so good!

agoraphobic nosebleed are so good!

they've developed into million sub geners playing perfectly each one. they are "napalm death" of the next century.

i read this on Wikipedia :
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (and their main members James Randall and Scott Hull) are going all out in 2008. Agoraphobic Nosebleed have finished a new full length album (as yet untitled) and a split 5" with Crom. Aswell as working on a 5" with Insect Warfare for Relapse Records, a Split 7" with The Endless Blockade for Relapse Records, a split 7" with Agents Of Satan (label currently unknown), a 7" with Lack Of Interest and a CD/LP with Despise You (maybe for Relapse, as yet unconfirmed). Scott Hull has just finished his compilation entitled "This comp kills fascists!" (with bands such as Insect Warfare, Asra, Agents Of Satan, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos and Magrudergrind plus more), James Randall is currently working on Drum Machine Gun 2 as well as doing a collaborative 7" with Wadge and a collaborative 12" with Black Mayonnaise. A hefty schedule!