Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today Is the Day

Today Is The Day is an experimental heavy metal\noise rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, led by Steve Austin since 1992. They released 7 full-lengths as well as several splits and EPs through labels like Relapse, Hydra Head and recently Austin's Supernova Records. I put links of Willpower from 1994, Temple of the Morning Star from 1997, In The Eyes of God from 1999 and Axis of Eden from 2007. All of them are very recommended, but for a starter I'd recommend Willpower and Temple.

Pinnacle off Temple of the Morning Star

Willpower (pass:
Temple of the Morning Star (pass:
In The Eyes of God (pass:
Axis of Eden

theres no such thing as a proper title

here is two great split cds
one is a split with burnt by the sun and luddite clone from the year 2000. if you liked suckinim baenaim you might like this. burnt by the sun is maybe the best (and maybe the first?) newschool hardcore in reality, i dont know.
second is a split with pig destroyer and benumb from 2002. i dont need to introduce those 2 great bands. grindcore!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

you can download

and a picture

Monday, May 26, 2008

Harvey Milk - Special Wishes

Harvey Milk is a sludge rock\metal band from USA, named after the assassinated San Fransisco governor. They started at 1992, broke up in 1998, and got together again in 2006 to make this amazing album. Weird enough, they haven't enjoyed much success and acknowledgement in the scene, but since releasing this record they have joined big underground labels such as Relapse and they are supposed to release a 5th full-length at Hydra Head next week called Life... The Best Game in Town.

"Harvey Milk have never been ahead of their time or behind the times; they have always operated strictly by their own calendar, which has lead the small number of die-hards that they’ve attracted in their fourteen years to frequently bemoan their “criminally overlooked” status."


Special Wishes


Ekkaia was a fucking awesome crust band from Spain. That's all you need to know about them (and that's pretty much all I know about them). Here are 2 LPs I like by them: Manos que estrechan planes de muerte y sometimiento (Hands that shake plans death and subjugation) from 2002 and Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdon (Extremely late for being sorry) from 2004.

Demasiado Tarde


Fan Myspace

By the way, tommorow at the Patiphone at Tel Aviv there's a sweetass gig of Dyse from Germany, Achzavoth, Suckinim Baenaim and Carusella from Israel for 20 shekels at 5pm, a benefit for their plane tickets back home. Don't miss it!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cursed - III

"The following statement is far from a secret: Cursed fucking rules. As arguably the best act in the modern hardcore scene, the Canadian foursome has unleashed another installment in their appropriately named full-length series and the result is yet another half hour slab of pissed off mayhem. And in a heavy music world where bands seem to have the tendency to get caught up in lackluster melodic experimentation after a few releases, Cursed has kept their sound exactly where it belongs: deeply rooted in sludgy, crust-tinged hardcore."

III was out just a few months ago, amazing record. They announced the band is now over just yesterday, right after a euro tour where they got 8000 euro stolen from them. sucks. Anyway they were a great band, check them out if you haven't already.

Full review @ Lambgoat (9\10)




I have no fucking idea how no one wrote about this band. Anyway, if anyone doesn't know already, Dystopia formed in Orange County, California in 1991. They are considered a sludge-metal band, popular amongst both heavy metal and crust punk scenes, due in large part to their bleak, misanthropic imagery. Lyrics deal with things from human emotion to social and political issues to environmentalism to racial equality to animal rights and vegetarianism/veganism.

Human = Garbage (1994)

Selftitled (2008) Pass:


Sunday, May 18, 2008


Heresy, i think everyone know that band... i am fucking love it.

i hope u'll guys enjoy it like i do.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

have heart

please dont kill me... i was realy got into it today, i am sitting home ya know yom sabat... nothing to do, so just listening to music. anyhow, i am sitting and i wanna try to sher it with ya.

so, have heart hardcore band from boston, yeah, that's right. like all the hardcore's bostons bands its good. straight to you'r face. enjoy.


another sxe band, really good one, tho... the new album calld aggression, the band are coming all the way from Providence, United States to you'r ears. hardcore lapanin yaani.

XXX :)

xTo Killx

long long long time since i've been here from last time...

ok, not so long ago i found out that i really like sxe hardcore again... so, i have something for u guys, i like it so... :)

ok to kill its a vegan sxe hardcore realy great and powerfull band, most of the song are kinda shore and fast, this is the new album. i'll post the older one's later or so... anyway i like them so fuck it... enjoy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

check this out

cool blog for underground hardcore punk stuff and some black metal, grind and post shit...

smartut kahol lavan

i havent heard this one for a long time, n for some reason (being an amazing band might be one..) it jumped back 2 my playlist this week. now i know that most of u know it but im kindda hoping that there are a few unlocal kids around that might enjoy this. this is punk-hardcore, fuckin' isra-helli style.
oh n like all good things they dont play anymore.
and 2 all of u who do know plz ur welcome 2 change my post and describe the music better coz i suck at it..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Milizia HC - L'Inferno Dell'Uguaglianza LP

Hi everyone, sorry for my long abscence but unless someone finds me an hamster willing to run on a wheel to make my computer turn on i'll have to continue posting abusively like now.
Anyhow, back to our businness. I remember first time i listened to Milizia Hc back in 2004 and hell, I didn't like it. Just another random hardcore band. Few weeks ago, though, I had the chance to listen to their last full length and hell, I was amazed. What used to be Lo-Fi out of time old school hardcore yaani, became heavyfuckinthrashy fast hardcore as everyone should like. This politically militant sXe (or at least part of the members) band hails from Padova (for you Padua) and it was formed in 2003. In they same year they released the demo ''Fratellanza, Coesione'' followed in 2004 by the LP ''Militant Hardcore''.
2006's "L'Inferno Dell'uguaglianza" anyhow is their best release by far. Nothing new, just 11 tracks spitted on somebody's face with no mercy, high speed and a lot of rage (singer's screams are amazing), all of it followed by simple but excellent heavy sound. Lyrics are everything but PC or standartic, going from pure personal nihilistic frustration, to more politically aware stuff ("Avamposto Di Irrazionalita'" is probably thestongest text, in which the band contexts the absurdity in the base of Israeli's state existence and dominion of other population).
I never had the chance to see them live, since they broke up few months after this LP release. Members went on to form fastcore supergroup AntiSexy, which you should check out.

Download HERE

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crimpshrine - Duct Tape Soup LP

Classic punk rock band from Berkeley, California, formed in 82, this is their first LP, which includes their small releases, songs that apears on compilations and splits. Originally released in 89 on a German label, later on again in 92' on Lookout! records.

I think this one really helped define the term of "pop-punk", with many other bands from that eraly 90's scene and the East Bay area in California. also they really epitomized the DIY thing. Songs were writting mainly by the influence of drug addictions and homelessness (and surprisingly not so happy and shining like nower days pop-punk bands, however, their LP apears on my turntable at this time of the year when the sun is out).

Disband at about 89 but kept releasing splits and songs on compilations. Split into different directions but not so different after all, among other things became Pinhead Gunpowder (Green Day's Billy Joe's side project and Aaron Cometbus's - later former of No Idea record label, grate grate band), Dillinger Four, Cleavland Bound Death Sentence, Fifteen (Jeff Ott's very similar extension of Crimpshrine, also I think he is the former of Sub-City records label).

The name of the band was given to a girl they knew, she used to have crimped hair.