Friday, May 23, 2008


I have no fucking idea how no one wrote about this band. Anyway, if anyone doesn't know already, Dystopia formed in Orange County, California in 1991. They are considered a sludge-metal band, popular amongst both heavy metal and crust punk scenes, due in large part to their bleak, misanthropic imagery. Lyrics deal with things from human emotion to social and political issues to environmentalism to racial equality to animal rights and vegetarianism/veganism.

Human = Garbage (1994)

Selftitled (2008) Pass:



anarchopie said...

eheheheheh actually tom already posted them.... :)

anarchopie said...

and personally, i dont understand what's the big deal about them

left_hand said...

my bad :|
awesome band

ginger said...

the same question - 'why the fuck people post the same bands-the same records on this blog??
this was already posted!!!
check what's posted before you post.....

left_hand said...

well maybe if the post had a proper title in stead of "here it is" I would have noticed.