Monday, May 26, 2008

Harvey Milk - Special Wishes

Harvey Milk is a sludge rock\metal band from USA, named after the assassinated San Fransisco governor. They started at 1992, broke up in 1998, and got together again in 2006 to make this amazing album. Weird enough, they haven't enjoyed much success and acknowledgement in the scene, but since releasing this record they have joined big underground labels such as Relapse and they are supposed to release a 5th full-length at Hydra Head next week called Life... The Best Game in Town.

"Harvey Milk have never been ahead of their time or behind the times; they have always operated strictly by their own calendar, which has lead the small number of die-hards that they’ve attracted in their fourteen years to frequently bemoan their “criminally overlooked” status."


Special Wishes


Aditya Pratama said...

Yay! harvey milk grind slowly in this album..

hernandez fiendish - said...

'The End' is the most beautiful song ever.

Harvey said...

glad you like the album but please be cool and remove the download link. thx.

nar said...

legit lol @ "assassinated San Fransisco governor"