Friday, February 29, 2008

Mihoen! - Self Titled EP

This dutch band is around since 1996. I never heard of them till yesterday. I just can say they play really really fast. Hardcore, Thrash, some grind.... yeah yeah all the stenchy stuff we like. With their sound and speed these dudes have nothing to envy from bands like Seein Red, Betercore, Vitamin X, Larm and dutch friends. This is a record from 2004, songs that barely pass the single minute, all of them excellent, and all of this in a single 7". Wonderful eh???


Mihoen- Self titled EP

and here's their website, dont illude yourself from the hippie-like colors, there's some english in it too

VA - Euro Thrash Retribution

This is some fast compilation. 48 songs in 40 minutes. I found it by case searching for some Lahar recordings. It contains some of best last years' european thrash & fast hardcore complexes as FxPxO from Macedonia, Lahar and See You In Hell from Czech, Panaceja from Poland, Nervi from Italy, Violent Pacification from France, Mihoen from Holland and a bunch of excellent bands i had the chance to discover through this Comp. Think it came out few years ago on 625 Thrash Core , really good label you should check.

Well, download here and enjoy

Thursday, February 28, 2008

none more black

None more black is in lots of ways the continuation of Kid dynamite, especially coz it’s the same guy singing and his voice makes this band(s) one of a kind (kid dynamite is exactly the 2 word I'd use to describe his voice).
They started playing around 2000 recorded 3 albums and disbanded around 2006-7 (although they still claim to have a show one of those days).
They play a somewhat melodic hardcore and come from new jersey and its cool coz its same ppl from lifetime, kid dynamite, paint it black and some other bands, which means they’re older and still playing still kickin' ass, and not sticking to one band just to be famous and all that shit, u know they still care..
I've uploaded one album coz I don’t like the other two, but if u really want it let me know and ill put it also.

File under black

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i found a great band ( not a pc band! dont be offended. whatever). the name is cthuwulf i dont know where they are from or nothing, they play something like noisecore/hardcore/grind realy realy good. i like this kind of noisy sounds, if you dig ARSEDESTROYER you'll dig this one for sure.
one of them have this great great blog called dmaging noise with tons of great music. from dbeat to noisecore and grind and also great extreme elctronic shit check it here.

cthuwulf - very worst of zero 2002-2003

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti Everything EP

This is some fun band some of you might know already. Usually I have a problem with german bands, but these dudes kick ass. Its some strange mix of fast thrash, hardcore, rock n roll, surf, funny-singing-style and irony. Well, they're nothing really special but for sure they're original and their listening can do only good for you. I dont think they have anything recorded except this excellent EP and some shitty Demo.
Check it out!

Myspace page
Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti Everything EP

Distress - Progress/Regress

These guys are hailing all the way from St. Petersbourg, Russia, known for having shitloads of nazis and... D-beat! This it the guys' 2nd release, and unlike the first one, this is metallic yet raw, aggressive and energetic crusty d-beat. A former memeber of the band (if you remember) was murdered by nazi scum, but the band went on, and I have to say they also smash live.
Now, I would actually like to see them playing live in Israel, and I need your support people!! Please comment, tell me what you think, and by june they just might tour in Israel!

Monday, February 25, 2008

black panda

hey, i wanted to sher this crazy band with u guys. their coming from A Coruña, Spain. and stright to your face, its fast short and fucking good. and, their some members from bands like, nashgul,madame germen,sls3... so dont need to say anything else. just enjoy.

The Leftovers - On The Move

I got to know this band back in 2006,
their a Trio from Portland, Maine, USA
started off back in 2002.

when i first heard their Album "Party Tonight"
I didn't get hooked on it...


Then I heard that their working on a new album, the producer of this 1 was Ben Weasel, and since I'm a Screeching Weasel lover I had to check out what's going on...

the album is called "On The Move" (it's their 4th album including their first demo)
I was really surprised, this album showed me a whole new band, not depending on their style of music, they simply got better in doing what their doing...
it's real good Popunk, Reminds me of the Ramones but with a TOTAL new sound.

Anyhow, Ill stop right here and let you be the judge.


(I didn't find any lyrics on the net but it's not too hard to understand them by hearing)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation DVD

Ok not a lot of introduction needed for this band. Just got to say in my opinion they're one of the bedt thrash complexes existing. They come from Richmond Pennsylvania they made 3 full length albums and couple of splits (both on this blog) blah blah blah who the fuck cares???? they've got a website so check it out there!
This is a short DVD that came out as a limited edition with their best release, Hazardous Mutation.
It's divided in 5 parts due to stupid uploading policy. well 4shared is still much better than rapidshare, megaupload and other uploading fascist websites that other blog users are still stupid enough to use.

Who cares, download the DVD, cause if Wojtyla's LP still didnt thrash your mind these four mad thrashers will do their dirty job of wasting your sobriety.
Thrash and fuckin party!!!!!!!!!!!


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Saturday, February 23, 2008


heres another good split from 2000.
WADGE from canada with their filthy tiki drum machined turbo speed grindcore and great vocals, i realy like the singer. some day i will post their full length album its realy good...
and NEEDFUL THINGS from czech republic with their heavy sound old-school grindcore only czech bands know how to do. full lengh album also on the way...

link to split


this band hails from moscow, they play death grind in the "good old way" like it use to be few years ago. i used to listen to this kind of shit realy alot (bands like devourment, skinless, putrid pile etc...) till it got to the point when i was bored. but this album "in the end of human existance" bring it all back, insane production - the best sound this kind of music can get and breakdowns with groovy beats that will make you fall to the ground for sure! nice to hear something like this that is not completly brutal death metal fuck-up shit music kind of thing. recomended for all the grindcore beginners...


o.k, im sorry for this one..but i just couldn't not share this.
this is a one men project, he's doin' slow, atmospheric black metal, i know till now it sounds boring (even i got over my black metal priod a long time ago). but get this, this guy is from fucking Afghanistan! Zhob, Afghan/BALOCHISTAN (disputed territory, occupied by the outsider pakistani army), i mean what more could u ask for?!? black metal from fuckin' taliban land, u gotta at least know about it, and give some respect, right?!
so im posting one record although there's a few of them.
don't get me wrong i dont really like it but the origin of the music, just had 2 post it.
worst case you'll find it funny.

Taarma – beyond the cemetery gates


i decided to post here my music. it comes from a different place in underground music. everything i do is my experimental journy through time, space and distorted soundscapes. i dont pretend to make good music. this is the end of the world. dont try to understand.

control delete - dont try to understand + another realese

control delete - demo

you can find my shit and alot more experimental stuff in

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kurbits I.R.-Skane Sweden Attacks 7''

don't know much about this band, all i know is that they're from sweden, and this 7'' is from the mid 90's. this is their second 7'', and the music is, as said on their 1st 7'', inget liv, "headsmashing fast as fuck songs". the only reason i'm aware of this awsome band is the cover of the 7''. i was at the info shop in wien's EKhaus, looking for anything intresting, when i saw this intresting 7'' with these old-school looking guys, some of them with long hair, and one with a mohawk. when i looked at the rear cover i saw something like 16 songs, which means it could be two things- ass-ripping speed-light smashing hardcore, or an idiotic metal-head grindcore. i took my chances, and boy, did it pay off.. i don't have any lyrics so i don't really know what the songs are about, but it sounds so powerful, the drummer is like a machine, and the riffs will rip your head off. now you should take your chances, too.
(the password is 1969)

btw, if anyone has some more info about this band i'll be glad to hear it.


so its my hardcore time again (it changes from pop-punk 2 hardcore n 2 metal every so often), and lifetime is one of the best they have this unique sound of melodic hardcore that i never heard with any other band especially the vocals (not the same, but reminds me of kid dynamite unique vocals. their guitarist played in KD also).
they started playing in 1990 in new brunswick, new jersey and disbanded in 1997 after releasing 4 albums. and than they started playing again three years ago and released a great album last year, n after reading their statement (below) about their reunion i believe them that they do it for the fun of it!
"...we have decided to play together again, not as the resurrected corpse of a one-off reunion show, but as a group of guys who love making music together."

Thursday, February 21, 2008


well, its a good split... good songs from m.w. fast and blasting, b.a.t sounds just the same with their weirdo grind macabre funny shit.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

have heart

boston straight-edge hardcore la'panim!!!
with straight-edge hardcore u think that mostly everything sounds the same
(u know no booze, no drugs, no fun, no creativity, right!?! ha, fuck off!!),
well this band disproves it all. they just do their shit so good, n all u can do is sit home listen 2 it and dream about all the bruises u'll have the day after their show...
they're straight outta boston n started playing in 2002.
and their myspace
n i posted the lyrics at the other blog.

Wojtyla - S/T

This time i'll speak of some new shit that's going on in my playlist. I downloaded this full length only few days ago, and all I can say is that this band knows how to do it. Wojtyla from Poland play thrashy fast grindcore with female singer that reminds immortal-style black metal lament. They're part of this new wave of excellent Crust and Grindcore polish political bands that i like so much. Download it, cause thay'll thrash your ass like few did before.

Wojtyla - S/T

Wojtyla Myspace

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


DYSTOPIA's NEW (and maybe the last) ALBUM


i found about them not long time ago and i realy like their music. to discribe it can be difficlt, they come from the south and its somewhere between sludge, doom metal with more atmospheric and phychedelic parts.
master relapse said : "...thick, tar-black riffing, vicious male/female howls and leads so sweet you'd think they're from Georgia. Instead this Arkansas band represents their dirty south with their intensely unique style of acid-drenched metal..."
heres RWAKE's discography

Sunday, February 17, 2008


so here's another italian band 4 u. this guys r from milano, they lived in an amazing squat at the outskirts of the city when i met them a few years ago, then 3/4 of them were playing in another great band called "nervi" (maybe ill post it later as well) and it looks like they're still doing the same shit as back then!
they're all squatters, bike punks, d.i.y committed kids (although they're older then me).

they play old school hardcore and speedy thrash/death metal all combined.
all songs are fast and short, like they should be!

oh, they dont play anymore. it seems like they tend to have short lived projects.

and their myspace

Crucial Unit

Thrashfuckingcore!!!! These dudes hail from Pittsburg, Pensylvania (same city of Caustic Christ) and they play fast and angry. Sometimes its getting a bit grindy, sometimes reminds more the best periods of Code13 but dunno, it's original. The lyrics are some of the most interesting/smart/stupid/funny i read (if you're interested check the music blog where I uploaded them) with song titles as "i scream you scream we all scream for no screamo", "bikes not bush", "moshpit against milk solids", "thrashing is our businness and businness is mediocre at best", "baby i dont wanna make out i just wanna circle pit". Well, the file uploaded here are two excellent 7"s, a full length LP/CD a split with well known Municipal Waste (forget the clean sound of latest cds, here the Waste plays dirty raw and fukken fast), and a split with R.A.M.B.O. (Resisting American Military Businness Operations - excellent thrashcore sXe band from Richmond, probably Aga will post sometime a full length of them). Download it all, you wont regrett it. I wanna play fast too.

Crucial Unit - Moshzilla 7"
Crucial Unit - Premium Iced Tea 7"
Crucial Unit - These Colors Get The Run LP/CD
Crucial Unit - Municipal Waste Split LP/CD
Crucial Unit - R.A.M.B.O 7"

Saturday, February 16, 2008



now i tell you this is one of the greatest bands for me in GRINDCORE/NOISECORE. they come from sweden but dont let it fool ya this time, there is no cheap melodies and catchy guitar riffs. there's even not a single d-beat or breakdowns! this time its all about grind and make it loud and noisy with heavy high tone guitar distortions, screaching vocals and realy fast blast-beats. for me it works.
i add 2 albums one is "teenass revolt" i think its their first full-length from 2001. the second is a split cd with abstain, with a live recording from"Hardcore Holocaust" in Gothenburg.

Guitar Wolf-Run Wolf Run

Anarchopie's comment about the lack of japanese albums got me the idea of sharing this album with the world (or at least with whoever gets into this site).
Guitar Wolf's first full-length album, "run wolf run" describes everything i love about rocknroll, and about punk rock. the sound is so filthy, led with non-stop feedbacks, reverb and "under-production" (really, it sounds like it was recorded in the toilet of their studio or something), and the music, the intensity, it won't quit for even a second. guitar wolf proove the supiriority of japanese musicians, which can be pretty radical when it comes to music in general, especially rock/punk/garage. you can almost see clearly the insanity in their eyes when the slow-but-promising intro for "baby indian" ends and the singer's haulin the title like it's the last thing he's gonna say in his whole life (baby... INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN).
the lyrics are not so clear. it's mainly some combinations with "baby baby baby" and some mummblings in japanese, and that's what makes it so damn good for me, forget the fucking lyrics, we're here to trash.

Hellbastard - Heading For Internal Darkness

In honour of this great band's reunion, here's some good record. This Is the kind of crust I like. Not melodic, good lyrics, primitive and fukken thrashy. Actullay these were the guys that coined the term "crust" with their "ripper crust" demo. This is one of their best records, that came in their mid-activity period (1988), it's kinda dirty but the direction is definitly thrashcore-crusty (in perfect axegrinder, concrete sox and friends style). The band took a big part in late 80's UK hardcore revival featuring bands like the ones mentioned, Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Heresy, Ripcord etc....
Unsatisfied by their punky Sound, these dudes also formed Energetic Krusher, a very good rather unknown thrash metal band, that in the end turned into HellKrusher, the well-known Extreme Noise Terror-like chaos d-beat band. Well, some songs are better and some worse. Download it, cause fuck americanz, russians, italians and cambodians, English know how to do it.

Hellbastard - Heading for internal darkness
Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust (compilation 1986-2000)

AGE - Four Wings

I was looking at this blog and I couldn't believe anything from Japan was posted yet. Well, most of my blog cooperators will hate me for posting this. Yes, this is shit ass crust (not d-beat yet, I am not that dumb) and probably their lyrics are stupid (couldn't find them anywhere but song titles as "psycho system" are enough to tell me this is enfantile or really really funny). So you're asking yourself why to download this record??? Well this is classic japanese shit. If you loved crazy Sakevi and his G.I.S.M probably you will easily fall in love with this. It's a kind of crust that reminds Amebix and early pioneers, but riffs (in perfect jap-style) are much more thrashy, gloomy and complicated (song "Darkness Again" contains one of the best guitar riffs i know). Singer reminds Sakevi and probably half of the japanese hardcore frontmen: guttural shouts in a
semi- incomprensible english. Think what you wanna think, this record makes me smile really a lot.

AGE - Four Wings

dillinger four

I wish, I really wish I could say its pop-punk, coz it will add so many points to our side, but even Wikipedia says its punk-rock n who am I to argue, right?!

Anyway Dillinger four (D4..) is fun, fast n political, n unlike most political bands the lyrics are, well, intelligent (especially for an American band that tends for da popy side of punk), varying from the personal to the other kind.

They're from Minneapolis n kicking since 1994.
n there's the lyrics 4 this album at the other blog thing, here!
This is their last album "situationist comedy"
and another one "this shit is genius"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bellicosi - Torino R'nR Starz

Another post. Another band from Turin. Well, this time its totally different stuff. Bellicosi were formed the same year allmighty Negazione broke up (92). They play Hardcore punk mixed with some good old styled punk rock with melodies here and there. This is a 100% fun CD. Seriously, I'm not a great fan of sweetie melodies but I could listen to this on loop over and over again. Some songs are really kitchy singalongs and some are fast kick ass ones. There's even the best ska song ever here. They broke up in 2003. How sad. Reccomended for anyone

Fuck myspace. this band still has a website

Bellicosi - Torino R'n'R Starz

refreshing powerviolence for friday eavning...

no words. listen to this if you want. nice powerviolence/hardcore/thrash kind of thing it reminds me lack of interest in their fast parts less oldschool with different sound...


fuck you. this one you gonna hate... take all the good riffs and beats in extreame hardcore music make a loop out of it add a heavy amen break and you got it. fucking mosh!!!
this album "grist" is the first debut from "drumcorps" from berlin also known as aaron spectre (he played here in barzilay club last month). he have realy long dreads and he likes grindcore. he playes that well produced jungle breakore thing with alot of grindcore samples and nice guitar parts.

nice one. download here - 666

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog with lyrics

So, I started a blog with lyrics of the albums we all post here. Please, add lyrics, coz they are important.

post in here

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look Back And Laugh - State Of Illusion

Somehow when a band is called after an old hardcore song, that band is good only if the song it's Minor Threat (a.k.a. Seein Red). First time I heard these dudes I wasnt reallly into this kind of hardcore, but my recent musical taste muting and this wonderful 7" totally changed my mind about them. The band comes from Oakland, and besides that i dont know much about them. Some info though you can retrieve from their website. LBAL play thrashy hardcore punk with female vocals, really good and raw by the way. This record is probably their best stuff, though now that i opened myself to them also their first lp sounds good to me.

enjoy here

Declino - 82-85 Come Una Promessa

Today I had the chance to listen to a CD that I forgot for long time. Declino hail from Turin, same city of Negazione (with whom they shared their drummer-bassist for Negazione), 5#Braccio, Nerorgasmo. For me they are one of the best 80's bands in Italy, with probably some of the best lyrics (politicized intimate blah blah blah). They play straight up hardcore, sometimes very fast, sometimes less....very eighties like.
Turin is one of Italy's most boring cities, and that's probably the reason that their local bands could describe better than anyone daily negativity and apathy.
Anyhow these dudes were active between 82 and 85, meanwhile they managed to release a split tape and tour in europe twice with Negazione. This is their discography re'issued by roman S.O.A. records.

Download Here


you will have to forgive me...

im into something different in the past few weeks.

i want to tell you about a band called INSIDER from italy. they play psychedelic stoner rock. their sound is great, realy compressed and fat. it goes good in this genere i guess.
if you ever wounder what is the fastest way to space and where the hell is all the space ships that was suppose to appear 8 yers ago, and you like some black sabbath infulences, give this record a listen and it will take you on a special journy between cosmic deserts and black holes... recomended after a little smokie for sure.

(i found this album and other realy good stoner/sludge/atmosomthing in this nice blog -

Monday, February 11, 2008

this is special, completly different

sometimes i let the time pass. then i love go back in time and see all the good stuff here and there. so this is special...
the year is 1991 meshuggah from Umei, Sweden just put out their first debut album called "contradiction collapse". i was 3 yrs old maybe and the first intifada is about to be over, but i want to mention another release of meshuggah from the year 1998 - contradiction collapse & none (ep from 1994) reissue.
the time matter here is realy important because of the fact that still now in this moment in the year 2008 this album still kick ass and will make your head move from side to side.
the early meshuggah meterial is realy thrash influenced and together with all the broken beats you get this crazy creation of going around in circles and breaking your neck on the same time. as i said this is a combination of two albums the first is "contraditction collapse" (wich an old metallica atmosphere in it can some times make me bored) check the song "Abnegating Cecity" it have this kind of riff that make me bounce and i love it, and "qualms of reality" wait for the romantic solo and what comes after that totaly blew my mind.
the "none" part starts with, for my opinion meshuggah's best song ever made - " Humiliative" those breakdowns realy break my heart and i wish i could play like tomas haake their drummer that without his amazing drum work (and all the cool guitar parts) for sure meshuggah was a piece of metal band shit.

keep on smilin'.

i had to split it in 2 parts cause the file was to big...
download one
download two

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ted Kaczynski - Hate and Death

Boys and girls, I found it. This is the latest thing in global d-beat/crust/hardcore. These fuckers come from moscow, and they really hate everybody, they wanna kick everybody's asses, especially all those west-european-middle-class-PC-pretty-kids. All the people are extremeley politically active, and they're also extremley energetic and raw. Kinda reminds me of bands like Silna Wola and sometimes State of Fear. They're also really special because they have a lot of oldscholl hardcore attitude in their music (maybe cuz they're sXe?), something you meet not so often in this style. One of the guys is actually chrisitian, and after looking at the scene the way it seems today, I think that's wonerful. These guys are touring europe right now, and a lot of their gigs got cancelled because people seem to be afraid of them. Anyway, here's the demo, enjoy it.

And here's their fantastic video clip:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Loa-Loa - Loa Loa Bol'she Net, Spasibo Za Emocii

Alrighty, this is my first post here, and today it will be the russian band Loa-Loa with their fantastic album from 2003.
Loa-Loa are a bunch of people from Moscow who also participate in other screamo and hardcore projects, and they play some of the sickest music I heard for a while: jazzy, funky, experimental and emotional grind. Some say they are mereley a russianized version of the Locust, I think it doesn't fucking matter. These guys smash with every song, turning brains into mashed potatoes.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Doomriders-Black Thunder

and one more for today-

these guys fucking rule. heavy and thrashy stoner/death/hardcore from hell,
with metal anthems like "black thunder", "ride or die" or the multi-catchy song "listen-up". the sound you get on this one is so powerful it'll blow your fucking balls off.
the thing i love about them, is that they are so intesne, so over-the-top, but yet, non of them is this virtuoso metal-head freak, they're keeping it simple, they're keeping it real.

The Simpletones-I Have a Date

hey there!
at the first time i came across the simpletones' "i have a date" i was sure they're this
pop-punk lo-fi band, trying to reincarnate the good old late seventies period. little did i know,
they ARE from the late 70's, and this record is actually a discography of their recordings durring the years 78-79. so like i said, the simpletones played rough, pissed, melodic, witty, suffisticated, lo-fi pop punk, with the most brilliant backing vocals (try "don't bother me"), and the most catchy songs about quaaludes and other drugs. so it seems that besides the ramones and co. on the east coast, the simpletones were a pretty good (even if obscure) answer from the west coast.


Hello boys and girls!
My name is Paspartoo and i'm here to tell you about an Italian hardcore punk band.
Thats right, Italian! just like this blog's owner! Gad bless Italy.

Anyways, l'amico di martucci do it fast, with a sweet garage sound, surf guitars and a singer that sounds like a teenager. unfortunately, they broke up few years ago, but luckily they've formed La Piovra, but unfortunately, they have also broken up recently, I think. Life's not fair.

Download L'amico Di Martucci EP

La Piovra Myspace

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Groovie Ghoulies - Born In The Basement

Not a new one, but a good one. Not too complicated and noisy like all the others that were posted here, so here's a slight variety:

mainly playing regular very simple punkrock, with a very clear influence of the Ramones. It comes very good when you feel exhausted, crashed and tired and feel like doing nothing.
If you love abit rock'n'roll and good punk rock I guess you can't go wrong with Groovie.

Sadly, they broke up during the year of 2007.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Down In Flames - S/T LP

... Speaking of Tear It Up, they brought to mind a band that existed and prospered during that late 90's-early 2000's Thrashcore revival - Down in Flames!

While their later efforts kind of lost the point, their self-titled LP is one hard hitting album. All songs are extremely angry, and the album carries an aggressive lyrical theme which lies somewhere between "We're totally fucked" and "Everything is going to hell", which is a lot better (and definitely more angry) than all the confused semi-political blabber, or even worse, 'scene' oriented lyrics found in some of their other songs, and arguably most of the thrashcore of that time - usually rendering it too stupid to listen to.

I would've loved to see these guys live, but obviously, they're long gone. Funny how this whole thrashcore revival/fashion thing died away so quickly when D-beat came to power. It wasn't very intelligent, but it never lacked any energy. RIP, I guess.

Click here to download this album.


Corey here.

I'll start it off with this band right here, Tear It Up(Ex-members of Dead Nation), probably most of you heard of them but not seemed to care enough to take a look.
I think that this band is underestimated, not a lot of people around me really ever got in too them, but they have a unique and Over-power full sound.

Tear It Up's music is no other way to say but craziest fast, angry hardcore-punk.(thrasy too)
The lyrics concentrate on your everyday life from the characters u most try to avoid to the little disappointments in side ourselves.
it's not easygoing lyrics, just pure frustration.

maybe ull totally disagree, but I still think that this band joins the list of best hardcore punk bands EVER.
Start off with what i Put here and ull go on, im sure u wont regret it.



SOME SONG LYRICS( if you want more, somehow ask)