Thursday, February 28, 2008

none more black

None more black is in lots of ways the continuation of Kid dynamite, especially coz it’s the same guy singing and his voice makes this band(s) one of a kind (kid dynamite is exactly the 2 word I'd use to describe his voice).
They started playing around 2000 recorded 3 albums and disbanded around 2006-7 (although they still claim to have a show one of those days).
They play a somewhat melodic hardcore and come from new jersey and its cool coz its same ppl from lifetime, kid dynamite, paint it black and some other bands, which means they’re older and still playing still kickin' ass, and not sticking to one band just to be famous and all that shit, u know they still care..
I've uploaded one album coz I don’t like the other two, but if u really want it let me know and ill put it also.

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