Friday, February 22, 2008


so its my hardcore time again (it changes from pop-punk 2 hardcore n 2 metal every so often), and lifetime is one of the best they have this unique sound of melodic hardcore that i never heard with any other band especially the vocals (not the same, but reminds me of kid dynamite unique vocals. their guitarist played in KD also).
they started playing in 1990 in new brunswick, new jersey and disbanded in 1997 after releasing 4 albums. and than they started playing again three years ago and released a great album last year, n after reading their statement (below) about their reunion i believe them that they do it for the fun of it!
"...we have decided to play together again, not as the resurrected corpse of a one-off reunion show, but as a group of guys who love making music together."

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aga said...

wow, Raz! Cool that you posted it! I love this band!oh...those memories.... this blog bring a lot of them. :)