Friday, February 22, 2008

Kurbits I.R.-Skane Sweden Attacks 7''

don't know much about this band, all i know is that they're from sweden, and this 7'' is from the mid 90's. this is their second 7'', and the music is, as said on their 1st 7'', inget liv, "headsmashing fast as fuck songs". the only reason i'm aware of this awsome band is the cover of the 7''. i was at the info shop in wien's EKhaus, looking for anything intresting, when i saw this intresting 7'' with these old-school looking guys, some of them with long hair, and one with a mohawk. when i looked at the rear cover i saw something like 16 songs, which means it could be two things- ass-ripping speed-light smashing hardcore, or an idiotic metal-head grindcore. i took my chances, and boy, did it pay off.. i don't have any lyrics so i don't really know what the songs are about, but it sounds so powerful, the drummer is like a machine, and the riffs will rip your head off. now you should take your chances, too.
(the password is 1969)

btw, if anyone has some more info about this band i'll be glad to hear it.

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Andy Bastardson said...

The drummer (Anders) is my cousin. I have both their 7".
They still rehears some times.
And it is no impossibility that they will release another 7" in the future.
They also had 3 song on a Really Fast record. I dont remember witch number though.
Here is my mail if you want more info.