Saturday, February 16, 2008



now i tell you this is one of the greatest bands for me in GRINDCORE/NOISECORE. they come from sweden but dont let it fool ya this time, there is no cheap melodies and catchy guitar riffs. there's even not a single d-beat or breakdowns! this time its all about grind and make it loud and noisy with heavy high tone guitar distortions, screaching vocals and realy fast blast-beats. for me it works.
i add 2 albums one is "teenass revolt" i think its their first full-length from 2001. the second is a split cd with abstain, with a live recording from"Hardcore Holocaust" in Gothenburg.

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Rocking said...

The recording is from Rostok, Germany, aboard the boat MS Stubnitz. The drummer from Diskonto plays the drums for Arsedestroyer on this.