Monday, February 4, 2008

The Simpletones-I Have a Date

hey there!
at the first time i came across the simpletones' "i have a date" i was sure they're this
pop-punk lo-fi band, trying to reincarnate the good old late seventies period. little did i know,
they ARE from the late 70's, and this record is actually a discography of their recordings durring the years 78-79. so like i said, the simpletones played rough, pissed, melodic, witty, suffisticated, lo-fi pop punk, with the most brilliant backing vocals (try "don't bother me"), and the most catchy songs about quaaludes and other drugs. so it seems that besides the ramones and co. on the east coast, the simpletones were a pretty good (even if obscure) answer from the west coast.