Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guitar Wolf-Run Wolf Run

Anarchopie's comment about the lack of japanese albums got me the idea of sharing this album with the world (or at least with whoever gets into this site).
Guitar Wolf's first full-length album, "run wolf run" describes everything i love about rocknroll, and about punk rock. the sound is so filthy, led with non-stop feedbacks, reverb and "under-production" (really, it sounds like it was recorded in the toilet of their studio or something), and the music, the intensity, it won't quit for even a second. guitar wolf proove the supiriority of japanese musicians, which can be pretty radical when it comes to music in general, especially rock/punk/garage. you can almost see clearly the insanity in their eyes when the slow-but-promising intro for "baby indian" ends and the singer's haulin the title like it's the last thing he's gonna say in his whole life (baby... INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN).
the lyrics are not so clear. it's mainly some combinations with "baby baby baby" and some mummblings in japanese, and that's what makes it so damn good for me, forget the fucking lyrics, we're here to trash.

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