Monday, February 25, 2008

The Leftovers - On The Move

I got to know this band back in 2006,
their a Trio from Portland, Maine, USA
started off back in 2002.

when i first heard their Album "Party Tonight"
I didn't get hooked on it...


Then I heard that their working on a new album, the producer of this 1 was Ben Weasel, and since I'm a Screeching Weasel lover I had to check out what's going on...

the album is called "On The Move" (it's their 4th album including their first demo)
I was really surprised, this album showed me a whole new band, not depending on their style of music, they simply got better in doing what their doing...
it's real good Popunk, Reminds me of the Ramones but with a TOTAL new sound.

Anyhow, Ill stop right here and let you be the judge.


(I didn't find any lyrics on the net but it's not too hard to understand them by hearing)

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