Monday, February 11, 2008

this is special, completly different

sometimes i let the time pass. then i love go back in time and see all the good stuff here and there. so this is special...
the year is 1991 meshuggah from Umei, Sweden just put out their first debut album called "contradiction collapse". i was 3 yrs old maybe and the first intifada is about to be over, but i want to mention another release of meshuggah from the year 1998 - contradiction collapse & none (ep from 1994) reissue.
the time matter here is realy important because of the fact that still now in this moment in the year 2008 this album still kick ass and will make your head move from side to side.
the early meshuggah meterial is realy thrash influenced and together with all the broken beats you get this crazy creation of going around in circles and breaking your neck on the same time. as i said this is a combination of two albums the first is "contraditction collapse" (wich an old metallica atmosphere in it can some times make me bored) check the song "Abnegating Cecity" it have this kind of riff that make me bounce and i love it, and "qualms of reality" wait for the romantic solo and what comes after that totaly blew my mind.
the "none" part starts with, for my opinion meshuggah's best song ever made - " Humiliative" those breakdowns realy break my heart and i wish i could play like tomas haake their drummer that without his amazing drum work (and all the cool guitar parts) for sure meshuggah was a piece of metal band shit.

keep on smilin'.

i had to split it in 2 parts cause the file was to big...
download one
download two

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