Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ted Kaczynski - Hate and Death

Boys and girls, I found it. This is the latest thing in global d-beat/crust/hardcore. These fuckers come from moscow, and they really hate everybody, they wanna kick everybody's asses, especially all those west-european-middle-class-PC-pretty-kids. All the people are extremeley politically active, and they're also extremley energetic and raw. Kinda reminds me of bands like Silna Wola and sometimes State of Fear. They're also really special because they have a lot of oldscholl hardcore attitude in their music (maybe cuz they're sXe?), something you meet not so often in this style. One of the guys is actually chrisitian, and after looking at the scene the way it seems today, I think that's wonerful. These guys are touring europe right now, and a lot of their gigs got cancelled because people seem to be afraid of them. Anyway, here's the demo, enjoy it.

And here's their fantastic video clip:

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Liro V & Grisha X 2.0 said...

אחלה קצב יש פה, כל כמה ימים אלבום חדש.