Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Declino - 82-85 Come Una Promessa

Today I had the chance to listen to a CD that I forgot for long time. Declino hail from Turin, same city of Negazione (with whom they shared their drummer-bassist for Negazione), 5#Braccio, Nerorgasmo. For me they are one of the best 80's bands in Italy, with probably some of the best lyrics (politicized intimate blah blah blah). They play straight up hardcore, sometimes very fast, sometimes less....very eighties like.
Turin is one of Italy's most boring cities, and that's probably the reason that their local bands could describe better than anyone daily negativity and apathy.
Anyhow these dudes were active between 82 and 85, meanwhile they managed to release a split tape and tour in europe twice with Negazione. This is their discography re'issued by roman S.O.A. records.

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