Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hellbastard - Heading For Internal Darkness

In honour of this great band's reunion, here's some good record. This Is the kind of crust I like. Not melodic, good lyrics, primitive and fukken thrashy. Actullay these were the guys that coined the term "crust" with their "ripper crust" demo. This is one of their best records, that came in their mid-activity period (1988), it's kinda dirty but the direction is definitly thrashcore-crusty (in perfect axegrinder, concrete sox and friends style). The band took a big part in late 80's UK hardcore revival featuring bands like the ones mentioned, Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Heresy, Ripcord etc....
Unsatisfied by their punky Sound, these dudes also formed Energetic Krusher, a very good rather unknown thrash metal band, that in the end turned into HellKrusher, the well-known Extreme Noise Terror-like chaos d-beat band. Well, some songs are better and some worse. Download it, cause fuck americanz, russians, italians and cambodians, English know how to do it.

Hellbastard - Heading for internal darkness
Hellbastard - In Grind We Crust (compilation 1986-2000)