Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Distress - Progress/Regress

These guys are hailing all the way from St. Petersbourg, Russia, known for having shitloads of nazis and... D-beat! This it the guys' 2nd release, and unlike the first one, this is metallic yet raw, aggressive and energetic crusty d-beat. A former memeber of the band (if you remember) was murdered by nazi scum, but the band went on, and I have to say they also smash live.
Now, I would actually like to see them playing live in Israel, and I need your support people!! Please comment, tell me what you think, and by june they just might tour in Israel!



aga said...

yeah Oleg! Good to have that band here! They're fucking great! Toda!

Morgan said...

sorry but link is dead

Bruno R. said...

this band is great, i'd love to see them in Sao Paulo, Brazil!! Lots of crusties here would appreciate it too