Friday, February 1, 2008

Wisigoth - L'adversion Du Schizoide

Ok, this time I would like to talk of a practicly unknown band.
Wisigoth hail from Mont-Real, capital city of french Canada. That's the fact about bands from canada: their popularity depends very much from their provenience (a.k.a. D.O.A. and Propagandhi).
Anyhow, Wisigoth play some kind of emotional Crust-Screamo-Grindcore. Similarities go from Dystiopia to Jobbykrust (with whom they splitted a very fucking rare LP), though this shit sounds like nothing I heard before. The songs are long and intense and they mix raging grinds with sludgy low parts and low vocals with piercing screams. The work behind the sound and mixing gets a 10/10.
Nothing to add about this excellent record, listen yourself and probably you will understand why.

Wisigoth Myspace page with some info

Download Here

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