Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crucial Unit

Thrashfuckingcore!!!! These dudes hail from Pittsburg, Pensylvania (same city of Caustic Christ) and they play fast and angry. Sometimes its getting a bit grindy, sometimes reminds more the best periods of Code13 but dunno, it's original. The lyrics are some of the most interesting/smart/stupid/funny i read (if you're interested check the music blog where I uploaded them) with song titles as "i scream you scream we all scream for no screamo", "bikes not bush", "moshpit against milk solids", "thrashing is our businness and businness is mediocre at best", "baby i dont wanna make out i just wanna circle pit". Well, the file uploaded here are two excellent 7"s, a full length LP/CD a split with well known Municipal Waste (forget the clean sound of latest cds, here the Waste plays dirty raw and fukken fast), and a split with R.A.M.B.O. (Resisting American Military Businness Operations - excellent thrashcore sXe band from Richmond, probably Aga will post sometime a full length of them). Download it all, you wont regrett it. I wanna play fast too.

Crucial Unit - Moshzilla 7"
Crucial Unit - Premium Iced Tea 7"
Crucial Unit - These Colors Get The Run LP/CD
Crucial Unit - Municipal Waste Split LP/CD
Crucial Unit - R.A.M.B.O 7"

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