Saturday, February 23, 2008


o.k, im sorry for this one..but i just couldn't not share this.
this is a one men project, he's doin' slow, atmospheric black metal, i know till now it sounds boring (even i got over my black metal priod a long time ago). but get this, this guy is from fucking Afghanistan! Zhob, Afghan/BALOCHISTAN (disputed territory, occupied by the outsider pakistani army), i mean what more could u ask for?!? black metal from fuckin' taliban land, u gotta at least know about it, and give some respect, right?!
so im posting one record although there's a few of them.
don't get me wrong i dont really like it but the origin of the music, just had 2 post it.
worst case you'll find it funny.

Taarma – beyond the cemetery gates

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