Friday, February 29, 2008

VA - Euro Thrash Retribution

This is some fast compilation. 48 songs in 40 minutes. I found it by case searching for some Lahar recordings. It contains some of best last years' european thrash & fast hardcore complexes as FxPxO from Macedonia, Lahar and See You In Hell from Czech, Panaceja from Poland, Nervi from Italy, Violent Pacification from France, Mihoen from Holland and a bunch of excellent bands i had the chance to discover through this Comp. Think it came out few years ago on 625 Thrash Core , really good label you should check.

Well, download here and enjoy


barvaz said...

hi! i saw that this label has another compilation - JAPAN THRASH REVOLUTION - if u have/find it im interested so plz upload it.

aprilXoneil said...

I have this compilation but i can't seem to upload any music here at the moment... Either way, better than a compilation is to check out these great thrash/fastcore Japanese bands: Razor's Edge, Jellyroll Rockheads, Banjax, BREAKfAST, BBQ Chickens, Idol Punch.

anarchopie said...

hey raz u just had to search in google: there's a link to download its written BAJALO.

ehehehe but thnx its a cool one

barvaz said...

ya stupied me got to lazy to even think about lookin' 4 myself.

Zmaj said...

Panaceja is from Croatia, not Poland. D:
Otherwise, thanks for the comp!