Friday, February 1, 2008


Ok, now its time to be a bit patriotic. First time i caught these dudes was a couple of years ago in Rome's Forte Prenestino Squat as the backliners of Napalm Death. I already heard about them few times before but what I saw went beyond any expectation: 4 crazy masked guys made the best grindcore band ever look as perfect geeks. Crazy moshpit, jokes on stage (about Ninja moshing, straight edges, vegans, fascist, napalm death's merchendise and more...), and fucking thrash.
These four roman legionars are into playing fast: their music can be defined as really fast thrashy hardcore with a lot of grinds in perfect Agathocles style.

There's absolutely no doubt in the fact that Rome is the best city in the world. There's only one thing in which we never exceeded too much, and that's the punk scene. In the eighties, while northern Italy was infested by various Negazione, Wretched, Raw Power, Indigesti and friends, the image of the roman punk was represented by Bloody Riot, a bunch of drunk chaos punx. So here the mid 90's arrive and the new Comrades begin to refill the huge musical hole that roman ignorance created. Now, beyond exageration, this band kicks ass, download them ye flaggons.

The files I posted are:No Escape - an excellent full length released in 2002, Early days masked bunch - a collection of all their old stuff including covers to wretched and indigesti and two splits - first with milan thrascores Death Before Work and second with Spain's grindcore masters Looking For An Answer

Comrades - No Escape (2002)
Comrades - Death Before Work split
Comrades - Looking For An Answer split
Comrades - Early days masked bunch (2002)

Comrades myspace

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