Saturday, February 2, 2008


Corey here.

I'll start it off with this band right here, Tear It Up(Ex-members of Dead Nation), probably most of you heard of them but not seemed to care enough to take a look.
I think that this band is underestimated, not a lot of people around me really ever got in too them, but they have a unique and Over-power full sound.

Tear It Up's music is no other way to say but craziest fast, angry hardcore-punk.(thrasy too)
The lyrics concentrate on your everyday life from the characters u most try to avoid to the little disappointments in side ourselves.
it's not easygoing lyrics, just pure frustration.

maybe ull totally disagree, but I still think that this band joins the list of best hardcore punk bands EVER.
Start off with what i Put here and ull go on, im sure u wont regret it.



SOME SONG LYRICS( if you want more, somehow ask)

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