Saturday, February 2, 2008

Down In Flames - S/T LP

... Speaking of Tear It Up, they brought to mind a band that existed and prospered during that late 90's-early 2000's Thrashcore revival - Down in Flames!

While their later efforts kind of lost the point, their self-titled LP is one hard hitting album. All songs are extremely angry, and the album carries an aggressive lyrical theme which lies somewhere between "We're totally fucked" and "Everything is going to hell", which is a lot better (and definitely more angry) than all the confused semi-political blabber, or even worse, 'scene' oriented lyrics found in some of their other songs, and arguably most of the thrashcore of that time - usually rendering it too stupid to listen to.

I would've loved to see these guys live, but obviously, they're long gone. Funny how this whole thrashcore revival/fashion thing died away so quickly when D-beat came to power. It wasn't very intelligent, but it never lacked any energy. RIP, I guess.

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