Monday, August 3, 2009


yeah, im a lazy fuck. i did not really had the power of maintaining this blog along with all the other virtual shit im taking care of/ so here's a few to pass through time.


i love discographies! this band is a powerviolence/fastercore version of DS13. i dont know why they remind me about ds13 but they do... here
(the link was taken without permition from KICK TO KILL)


fucking great split 7"
its like hradcore and grind with a noisy approach. nothing much to say get it HERE
this link was taken also without permition from the amzing blog MUSIC-STINKS, (do your self a favour and check it out, alot of tape and vinyl rips)


3 tracks from this great band. its nice to have a few of those bands that keeps their "post" influences but able to produce good music. you'll dig this if you liked burnt by the sun, knut, neurosis, old isis , old men gloom stuff....
here (this was stolen bruttaly from LUCID MEDIA)


amazing power electronics
, good lyrics and beutiful artwork.
(for thos who lack of understanding, its only noise and a du
de talking to a mic)

(this link and this review below was taken from TERROR NOISE AUDIO)

"Pig is the tenth studio album for Nyodene D. This album focuses on societal
excess, media over-saturation, greed, depravity, obsession and hatred. Expect synth-heavy power electronics with amplified metal percussion, distorted vocals and many samples."

download here

Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Harvest - New World Rage Music

Not so deserted now, eh? (FUCK YOU TOM) Everyone's in Europe so we can do whatever we want. This one is from the Norwegian Thrash Metal/Industrial band Red Harvest, with some well produced tunes, really fast tracks (Ad Noctum,) really slow tracks (The Supreme Truth,) and overall a fun listen with notable presence of local Black Metal influence (Because obviously you can't play any type of music in Norway without being influenced by the local Black Metal scene, not even grandpa guitar [This is not a bad thing {Relatively.}])

It's here.

Monday, March 30, 2009


this band comes from boston, Massachusetts . they was formed in late 80's. they play this kind of oldschool stoner/sludge mixed with down tempo hardcore anthems. imagine you could take all the hardcore punk sludgy riffs you like and make a full discography out of it. fucking awesome!
realy nice, good sounds and atmosphere.
featuring members of anal cunt, adolf satan, angry hate...

s/t album from 91 for you pleasure HERE

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

M.E.S.S. - Early Recording

This is an early set of songs recorded in mid 2007 by the Tel-Aviv Hardcore group M.E.S.S. (or Mr. Error Sound System). It was done in a single session and mixed by Yanir from Mondo Gecko, after the initial band's lineup had changed and their style leaned more toward Hardcore Punk, as can be heard in this record.

These songs were later re-recorded and mixed by Edge of Sanity's Dan Swanö, resulting in a notable change of style, rooted in Swanö's huge experience with the sound engineering of Swedish Progressive and Death Metal, and a shift in the vocal style from a blend of clean shouts, hardcore-ish screams and sometimes melodic singing to purly harcore screaming. That final version has been released as their 2008 album Weekend Ritual Massacre, available at Urban Decay Records, with addition of newer songs that were written especially for the album, minus a couple of tracks that were dropped, but are still on the earlier version (i.e., this one.)


M.E.S.S on Myspace

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drum Machinegun

A big Cybergrind compilation produced by Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Jay Randall and Scott Hull, with original contributions from, among others, Noism, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Genghis Tron as well as some lesser known artists like Dataclast and Prosthetic Cunt (Carl Shultz's band from before he joined Agoraphobic Nosebleed.)

v/a - Drum Machinegun

Sunday, February 22, 2009


so here's a brief selection of my current playlist for the past few weeks.
its all about sludgy, slow and heavy stuff. old or new, it stays the same...
(press the album title for download)

grief is one of the most influential bands in sludge music. keeping their raw sounds with down tuned guitars and screams full of agony. their music is highly meditative in a fucked up way.
the band was formed in 91 and split up in 2001. in 2005 they fomred up again and played few reunion shows.
>>>come to grief (1994)

>>>turbulent times (2002) - best of/compilation out on Southern Lord.
Tracks 1 & 2 off of the Dismal full length.
Tracks 4 & 6 off of the Come To Grief full length.
Track 8 off of the split with Soilent Green.
Track 3 off of the split with 13.
Track 10 off of the split
with Dystopia.

fucking nice band from chicago. they play instrumental sludge, their music can take you into a journy of soundscapes and majestic drones. worth checking, awesome album, one of 2008's finest for me...
>>>hate ashbury (2008)

this band is a "supergroup" featuring Alan dubin (vocals), Stephen O'malley (guitars), James plotkin (bass), Tim wyskida (drums). they were active from 2001-2006 in those years they put out like 11 albums (eps, live recordings...).
this is their full-length album from 2003.
>>>things viral (2003)

great band coming from the uk. if you find "eye hate god" inspiring you will love this one for sure.
i think this band is one of the best new acts coming out in 2008.
>>>moloch - s/t 10"

Monday, February 9, 2009

HHH - complete discography 85 - 93

This HHH retrospective was written by their guitar player Marc, for the recent double CD discography. Thanks to Luc for helping me out!

The story of the band was very simple: one day Alex, Marc and Koki decided to emulate the bands they had interviewed or reviewed in their zine, so they created a band just to play the kind of music they liked. The line-up didn't include a bass player because at that time it was impossible to find one in Banyoles who was interested in punk rock music. 8 months after the first practice, but with lots of songs - because we only played with a 2 string guitar so it was easy for all of us to make music -- we recorded the Sin Identidad demo.
HHH Personally I've always thought that this demo was one of the great releases from the incipient Spanish HC movement, especially since Koki used to practice on petrol cans and detergent boxes - that was the second time in his life playing on a real drumkit (the first one had been two months prior to that supporting Frites Modern in Barcelona). One year later we recorded the Intelectual Punks 7". The lack of record labels in Spain forced us to put it out abroad. We released the EP on Dissonance Records from Germany, at the same time GRB and L'Odi Social released their 7"s in Italy for the same reason. The new HHH songs departed from the Scandinavian HC influences and the music became faster. Moreover on that record Alex started to sing/play bass. Our idea was to make a 12-song EP but there were some problems with the length of time so finally we only included 9 songs and we kept the rest in store for a future compilation LP on the same record label, but it was never released. In that same studio session we recorded 5 extra tracks. Of all these songs only Jim was used on an excellent compilation LP against sexism, released by Nabate Records (Belgium). After a first failed attempt to record a full HHH LP, the influences of crossover and thrash metal bands led us to a more exclusive work for some years with Overthhhrow, a HC-metal project band.
In the spring of 1990 we recorded A Por Ellos... LP with an important line-up change: Koki became singer/drummer (as he used to do in Overthhhrow) and Alex concentrated all his work playing bass and his energy on stage jumping out of control and making our shows more exciting.
The songs from this LP probably stand for the genuine essence of HHH music: raw sound and maximum speed. The release of this record coincided with the beginning of the first Spanish record labels and the HC spread.
In the summer of 1991 we recorded Homo Homini Lupus, a split LP with Vitu's Dance. We worked in a different studio and we got our best production, a very powerful sound mixing speed with the metallic influences of Overthhhrow. Some years later Rumble Records reissued the 13 songs on CD format with an extra song Pesadilla, recorded to appear on a compilation that was never released (again the same old story). HHH played the last show - without knowing that would be the last one - with 24 Ideas in Barcelona in July 1993. Today, 7 years later, Alex lives in Donosti. He's a cook, he has got his own restaurant and he plays guitar in a band featuring people from other well-known punk/HC bands from Euskadi. Koki is a secondary school teacher. He has got a pair of guitars at home. He likes experimenting with old recordings and creating art/videos with HHH songs. Marc used to distribute HC stuff but 2 years ago he left it definitively. The three of us stay involved in a way or another into hardcore, at least listening to the hundreds of new bands or reading fanzines, and I know we'll be into it for a long, long time still.
Actually, every day when I drive to my work new rhythms and lyrics come to my head as it used to happen when the band was active... I guess the spirit lives on.
Marc (July 2000)



thanks to G for this one.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Asbestos Death

Asbestosdeath started life as trio. They recorded two 7"s: their first ("Unclean", 1990) was self released (Asbestos Records) and a second 7' ("Dejection," 1990) was released later that year by profane existance. their guitarist (Tom Choi) left the band to form Noothgrash after the release of the second 7". The band recruited Justin Marler to replace Choi and changed their name to sleep (what later became half Om and half High on fire).
In 2007, shoutheren lord records reissued Asbestosdeath's two 7"s on CD and 10" vinyl. The four songs on the album comprises the entirety of Asbestosdeath's recordings.
(from wikipedia)

asbestos death 7"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mathcore Megapost

Here are some must-have mathcore albums.

BOTCH - We Are The Romans (2000)

Botch started playing back in 1993, and through their 9 years of existence they managed to release 3 LPs, 3 EPs, and 4 splits with Cave In, Murder City Devils and more. Their influence on modern hardcore is truly remarkable, and I think they never really got the respect and recognition they deserve. This one is one of my alltime favorite albums, and in my opinion their best. It got remastered and reissued this year by Hydra Head, with another CD added full of demos and live versions of the songs.


CAVE IN - Until Your Heart Stops (1999)

Cave In formed in 1995, in Methuen, Massachusetts. They released 5 LPs, 6 EPs and 4 splits, and broke up in 2006. Their members have played in many other good bands, such as Converge, Old Man Gloom, Zozobra and more.

Mediafire or Megaupload

COALESCE - 012:2 Revolution in Just Listening (1999)

I think this is the only band in this post that's still alive. Formed in 1994, Coalesce released 4 LPs (including a Led Zeppelin covers record), 4 EPs and 5 splits with Converge, Napalm Death, Today is the Day and the Get Up Kids before splitting up in 1999. They reformed in 2005 to release another great EP, a DVD and several reissues, including this album through Relapse Records, and are now working on a new LP.

Mediafire or Megaupload

CURL UP AND DIE - Unfortunately, We're not Robots (2002)

This one is more influenced than influental. Curl Up and Die are from Las Vegas, Nevada, and play this really fun and catchy brand of mathcore. They started in 1998, disbanded in 2005 and released 2 LPs and 4 EPs during their lifetime.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Robotic Obscurities

Robotic Empire are celebrating their 10th birthday with a new project: Robotic Obscurities is a blog full of rarities and unreleased shit of some of their past and present artists (Pig Destroyer, Gods & Queens, Versoma, Garuda...). pretty sweet, check it out.

Robotic Obscurities