Monday, March 31, 2008

PANACEJA "Mrtav Život" CD

So here's another great fast band for you. Panaceja come from Croatia (by the way, check out Senata Fox on Aga's blog, Lost In City Of Echoes, another great balkan band). I discovered them through the compilation I posted here some while ago, "Euro Thrash Retribution", and their sounds just made me dig in soulseek for long time till I found some other stuff of them. They play sort of fast-core, similar in some parts to Czech school of Gride, Lycanthrophy, Lahar and friends. Anyhow, they mix a lot of elements in their music, slow parts, crusty riffs, power-violence, grind etc.etc, and they do it really fucking good. As far as I know they released also some splits but this is the only full length I was able to find. Enjoy!

Download Here

Thrashington DC - To Live And Die In BMO

Hello! Just got out of some weeks of laziness to spread great message of fast music to beautiful world. So here I give you Thrashington DC. They come from France: frogs legs, horrible food, even worse football, Eifel Tower, Sarkozi, Ultra Vomit.....France! Well, usually french music sucks (except some really good hip hop), but this is a band worth checking. They come from a shithole called Brest (or as they call it BMO - Breste Metropole Oceane) and play excellent americanized thrash'hardcore in vein of of Bones Brigade and friends. Short songs, aing-alongy elements and two covers (minor threat and beastie boys!). They didn't invent something new, nor emotionally excite me, they just make me smile.

To Live And Die In BMO

Sunday, March 30, 2008


i belive youre not lazy so i post a cool page i found with alot of REGURGITATE stuff. for those who dosn't know this great gore grind band from sweden ill say they are a great gore grind band from sweden. they play this year on obscene extreme wich is fucking awsome. they split up one day and got back together around 2004 i think. their best album for me is HATEFILLED VENGEANCE
check it out... and check this blog B MUSIC

Friday, March 28, 2008

Venetian Snares

A refreshing change after a while I haven't written anything. Aaron Funk, aka Venetian Snares (among the rest), is a Canadian breakcore artist. He is one sick fuck, so I figured he deserves a post. Rossz Csillag Alatt Született was out in 2005, and is probably one of the best albums in the genre. Pink + Green was out in 2007, represents a more fun and much more complex (and sick) style of Funk.


Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (2005)

Pink + Green (2007)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my mega sludge post

for all the the stoners around here you go...

'16' from california. i realy like their kind of stoner/core and nice vox.
zoloft smile
scott case unreleased meterial and cool stuff

Llange from indiana. they play this psychedelic sludge with atmospheric parts that moves into a breaking heavy riffs. great for smoking and fall asleep...
The Conqueror Worm

tusk from portland plays good music. the next album is a single 37 minutes song divided into 4 tracks. i realy like it.
the resisting dreamer

and the best of all KNUT from switzerland. one of my favorite bands lately. they play realy good, im afraid to say math-core but its somewhere between hardcore and sludge for sure. every album i heard was a blast i hope you enjoy like i did...
they put out alot of albums, ep's and stuff. this 2 is older than the rest...

i guess its enough for today. c ya around.
p.s - no matter what NOFX is the best band in history.


First of all, what's wrong with all of u here??!!
Its been way 2 long since anyone uploaded anything here, so com'on start bombin'!!
Common enemy plays thrash/skatecore it's all about skate, booze and circle pit (by the way what's the deal with no circle pit in fucking isra-hell, huh??) which means their music is fun, fast and crazy.They come from Reading, Pennsylvania n they have 4 records so far.
n with songs like "build ramps not bombs", "thrashing under the influence", n "skate that shit" u just can't stay indifferent.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


powerviolence straightedge from michigan, 31 songs in less then 10 minutes!
and if anyone knows who Eric Wood is let me know..

some local pride...

check this RABIES CASTE post on sludge swamp.

if you didnt heared it before, start feeling sorry now...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hark! It's A Crawling Tar-Tar - Dorr Darr Gellap Communique

This is some good discovery. This band comes from Indonesia, as far as I understood, and besides that, I seriously know nothing about them. I just know it was one of the best downloads I did in the last month. They play some kind of very atmospheric crust hardcore, with some metal influences, epic bullshit, scandi-core, thrash riffs, synthethyizers and effects. Something between His Hero Is Gone, Fall Of Efrafa and local Achzavoth. Anyhow, with such a name, could a band play bad?
I post here also a clip from the their show, that besides first hillarious 30 seconds is great.

Live Clip
Dorr Darr Gellap Communique CD

O.L.D. (old lady drivers)

this is a great band from new jeresy featuring james plotkin from khanate, khlyst, phantomsmasher etc... they was formed in 1988 and they dont exist no more. at the beging they used to play grindcore and after an album or two they transformed to an avantgard expermintal kind of thing, what james plotking does the best i didnt hear there "other" meterial so i dont know how it is. any way here is "LO FLUX TUBE" a full length from 91. i realy like this album its moving between grindcore sounds and slow groovy parts. it was released on erache and the sound is perfect.
enought talking here it is...



i guess theres no need to introduce these great swedish band. for me they are maybe the only band that can have this "swedish sound" and still kick ass.

split with asterisk
split with warhate
split with abstain


Friday, March 14, 2008


Orchid was a diy emo violence band from Amherst, Massachusetts. Their songs are quick and short. Orchid's influences are assumed to be Canadian hardcore band Union of Uranus and One Eyed God Prophecy, but band members more often cite the German bands Systral and Carol.
Orchid existed from 1997 to 2002, releasing 3 full-lengths, splits with Pig Destroyer, Combatwoundedveteran and Jerome's Dream among others, and contributed some songs to compilations.
members of the band continued to form Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth, Wolves, Transistor Transistor and more.

Dance Tonight! Revolution Tommorow & Chaos is Me
Totality (pass:
Totality review

Stagnation is Death/Ted Kaczynski

Amazing. I'm fucking speechless, amazing stenchcore-deathmetal-crust-hardcore from Poland vs. russian hate-beat (this time recorded good).
The album of the year for me.
I ripped it myself, and I don't have a scanner so sorry there's no sleeve.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Venomous Concept

The only thing that needs to be said about this band is their line up:

Shane Embury - Guitar(!!!) (Napalm Death, Lockup, Brujeria, Unseen Terror, S.O.B. (Jpn) (guest), Warhammer (UK), Meathook Seed, Azagthoth, Drop Dead, Blood from the Soul)
Danny Lilker - Bass (Nuclear Assault, The Ravenous, Crucifist, Overlord Exterminator, Brutal Truth, ex-Exit-13, ex-Harter Attack, ex-Hemlock (US), ex-Holy Moses, ex-Redrum (US), ex-Stormtroopers of Death, ex-White Heat (US), Extra Hot Sauce, Human Garbage, ex-Anthrax)
Kevin Sharp - Vocals (Brutal Truth, Damaged (Aus), S.O.B. (Jpn))
Danny Herrera - Drums (Napalm Death)
Buzz Osborne - Guitar (Melvins/Fantomas)

a 2008 release. enjoy.
by the way: their name is a play on Poison Idea.


Poisoned Apple
(Optional password:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gride splits

Here are some three awesome bands I discovered in the last year. Gride are czech, and in the best tradition of this fastasfuck country their keyword is speed. Some people call it "hc/grind", some others "thrashcore", and some gave their genre the name "fastcore"choose yourself. I just know they're good and not boring at all. long melodic songs, fast and kicking ass (mostly), their shows should be amazing (obscene extreme 2008 anyone?) The lyrics, which I'll post on the other blogs, are very good as well. They deal with alienation of the single in modern society and problems that everyday life gives us as religion, oppression, work, hatred, frustration etc..
The first split is with dutch Cockroach thrashcores. I heard them first time on a dutch hardcore compilation, but as far as I heard the 4 tracks on this split are the best recorded. Really good one!
Second split is with co-national female fronted all-mighty Lycanthropy. This band is militant already for many years. Czech as Gride, they play kinda the same genre just with alternated male-female vocals. These pissed off boemes are masters of speed and fastcore as it should be.

Play fast or sludge, enjoy

Gride Website
Lycanthrophy Website

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This band comes from torino, italy. they play some crazy mix of metal, grind and hardcore n that's as far as my musical description abilities goes so u'll just need 2 check it out. This album is from 2002, its about 9 minutes so u can listen 2 it over and over again…
They broke up sometime in 2007, I think.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Starkweather is a metalcore band from Philadelphia, United States that formed in 1989. Starkweather pioneered the hardcore/heavy metal crossover sound that would later be known as "metalcore". They have influenced many of today's best hardcore/metal bands (such as Converge).
Into the Wire was out in 95' through Edison Recordings.


Into the Wire


hi everyone,
this is a great band coming from new jeresy playing their own kind of distorted grindcore. they was formed in 92 and split up in 2001. i just realize they dont have a bassist wich adds them to the great no-bassist grindcore bands list (pig destroyer, magrudergrind,D9 etc...). their drummer also play in municipal waste and burnt by the sun so you can imagine how good it can get...

heres a full length album from 2001, for your listening pleasure

The Inalienable Dreamless

generaly it would be nice if ppl will leave comments and stuff so feel free to do so...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


so b4 sswiissh there was nervi more or less the same ppl and same fast hardcore.
sorry but i could'nt find the album cover, i have the tape cover from the tape i had and lost years ago n all the lyrics are printed with a typewriter looks realy cool!
and they have a song called "a dick in the ass never makes children" which leave's u no excuse 2 not download it right now!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hey again,

this is actually not really a "me-kinda" band.
I'm new to this Violence or however you denominate this kind of music. I'm always told to listen to lot's of bands with wired names, It's really hard to digest this kind of music at first. I got into really fast to those few (I guess most of you are familiar with):Remains of the day, His heros is gone, Tregedy and Wolfbrigade.

HONGO is a Spanish band, they also sing in spanish, I honestly didn't got into all those lyrical contents, but when I'll find it translated I think I will. I'm more into their demo from 2004, they also recently released an LP which I preferred less.

That's it I think.
Enjoy it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Shikari were a neocrust band from Groningen, Netherlands, originally formed in 1999 by two Office Killer members. Before breaking up in 2005, they released 2 records, splits with Seein Red, Phoenix Bodies, Acao Direta and Louise Cyphre, and contributed songs to many compilations. They also released through Level Plane Records a discography cd called 1999-2003.




Pygmy Lush

Pygmy Lush are a six-piece band from Sterling, Virgina. they play an eclectic mix of hardcore at various tempos, depressing folk, and some emotional tendencies of screamo. They were formed by ex-members of pg. 99 and Majority Rule. Their first realease, Bitter River was put out by Robotic Empire in 2007. They already recorded and mastered their new album, called Mount Hope, which is supposed to be released soon through Lovitt Records.



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Leadershit - Self Titled LP 2006

Crust punk is probably the genre that evolved/changed less than any other in punk (well, maybe except Oi! and Streetpunk). There was always something about the stench in it sounds and in its thrashy riffs that made me really enjoy it as repetitive as it could be. Lately, anyhow, specially after travlling europe a bit, I realized that nowdays there's almost no band that can excite me in this genre. Seriously, for how longer can we continue copying riffs from Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Tragedy without even making it any better (still never found a better D-beat band than Discharge even if its probably the most copied music ever created by mankind). So here half of the stuff I had on my computer went erased, as I started to seek for new exciting new crust bands. Somehow, the few new things I found come from the States or far East. Except from few really good polish, spanish and italian bands, Europe crust is fucking dead and is just getting from bad to worse.
So here I'm posting Leadershit, for those who are convinced that nothing can really come out of crust anymore, cause these dudes fucking rock. They're from Spain, rising from ashes of excellent bands like Ekkaia, Cop On Fire and some others I can't remember the name, they play stoning melodic crust-hardcore. Emotional, aggressive, dark and good. Usually I'm not really into this melodic bla bla bla but I assure that this is worth the shit. Remember Ekkaia? Well, make it more interesting and add some death metal, rock'n'roll and good ol'hardcore punk to the boring d-beat, sometimes reminds even His Hero Is Gone. This LP came out on 2006 and since then I think they released a split with some other Spanish band called Derrota, which I don't know.I read their lyrics once on a record some friend has and it was really intense and deep, hope I'll be able to find it on the web again.
Download it, cause they're really worth it.

Leadershit - S/T

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hey big family of posters on the best blog on earth, I have a request for you: stop uploading files to megaupload or rapidshare (unless you steal links from other blogs), these websites are made for fucked up retard dummies and are run by nazifascist capitalist holocaust deniers antisemitic homophobic antideutch emokid pigs. So please, create your own account on one of these cool websites that dont require queues and where you have unllimited contemporary donloading possibilities and huge uploading space for free.


Monday, March 3, 2008


"Admittedly, it doesn't happen every day that you think a band's got an absolute psycho at the mic. Of course, people always claim that, for example, Devin of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD is only a few screws shy of a hardware store, but let this be known: he who does not know SWARRRM has not yet looked into the face of true madness.

SWARRRM hail from Japan. SWARRRM play Grindcore. By now, it may be dawning on some of you what exactly is in store for the listener. And what would that be? On a superficial level, the usual Grindcore thrashing: the very heaviest blast beat storms, incoherent guitar shredding—so far nothing out of the usual. But then the vocalist, one Hatada, comes into play. And at that point, you'll have to drop all comparisons to other grind bands. Forget NASUM. Forget NAPALM DEATH. Forget everything you've considered insane screaming up to this point. Hatada launches the ultimate in angry, self-destructive hatred right into your face before he pushes the button and blows the whole fucking place to kingdom come together with himself and you..."

Against Again was out in 2000. they also had a new cd out last year called Black Bong.


Against Again

Official website

Full review

Black Bong (pass:


Lhasa is a melodic screamo band from Japan. They play this really amazingly emotional epic screamo with insane vocals. I actually couldn't find anything else about this great band, other than the fact that they are working on a LP supposed to be released later this year.
This one's a split of Lhasa with Raein from Italy and Daitro from France, which are great bands too.

Lhasa, Daitro & Raein - The Harsh Words as the Sun

Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron is a three-piece band based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They play some sort of a mixture of grindcore and electronics, a mixture done before but is rarely done good (The Locust, Cutting Pink with Knives).
Lacking both a drummer and a bassist, the band utilizes computer-based drum machines such as FL Studio and Ableton Live as well as multiple synthesizers to execute their distinct sound.
"Dead Mountain Mouth", the band's first full-length, was produced by the almighty Kurt Ballou (Converge) and released by Crucial Blast Records in 2005. The newer material was a more well-blended and demented attack, focusing less on the cut-and-paste mayhem of the early songs and instead honing in on flow, song structure, and originality.
Genghis Tron takes you on a ride full of harmonic madness and chaotic beauty. recommended for the open-minded.

they also had a new cd called Board Up the House out last month through Relapse Records, I don't like it as much, but maybe you will.

oh, and did I mention they don't have a drummer?


Dead Mountain Mouth (pass: drizzt)

Board Up the House

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is an open blog. That's the only point about it. We had a post here that became a subject of long discussion and that's the only reason it was deleted (not cause io think what Tom said said is wrong or right, Im not trying to take or defend any side, I just dont think this the right place for it). This is a space for downloading, uploading and discussing music, not parameters of how things should be. That's stuff us posters can discuss in other places. Would be nice that instead of arguing about useless stuff we would comment the music that peole post and create discussions about that. I disabled comments to this post cause its not a forum, at least not for things like this.

Upload, download, comment, fuck copyrights and music businness and mainly ENJOY.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Disprezzo - Nel Mio Mondo Il Sole Non Sorge Mai LP/CD

Somehow today came up to my head this CD I wasnt listening to for long time. Despice my musical taste mutation in the last year, this album still has the same effect on me he had when i was listening to shitty d-beat. Disprezzo came from Firenze in italy, homeland of a long tradition of anarchism and punk (remember the 80's infamous Granducato Hardcore?). They played heavy and dark crust with some good healthy d-beat involved. Their first release "un giorno" was kinda mediocre, but with this full length they pushed themselves to the best limits of crust genre. With excellent sound (meaning heavy not expensive as most metalheads think) they create a very emotional atmosphere in few songs. The name of the album (which is also the name of first track) means "in my world sun never rises", a concept that is transmitted perfectly by some of their tracks. Second track "London" is a musical adaptation to William Blake's poem:

"I wander thro' each charter'd street,
Near where the charter'd Thames does flow
And mark in every face I meet
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every Man,
In every Infants cry of fear,
In every voice: in every ban,
The mind-forg'd manacles I hear

How the Chimney-sweepers cry
Every blackning Church appalls,
And the hapless Soldiers sigh
Runs in blood down Palace walls.

But most thro' midnight streets I hear
How the youthful Harlots curse
Blasts the new-born Infants tear,
And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse."

Track 5 and 7 are the best in my opinion, while last but not least "caggiano mosh" is a heavyasfuck death march.
They were probably te best italian crust band ever and they broke up almost 3 years ago, I never had the chance to see them live. Giulio the singer want to live in London and sung for short time in Give Up All Hope (super dbeat group eith ex members of Doom and Health Hazard) with whom he recorded "Nowhere to hide form yourself" 7" before he left punk and became a buddhist. The italian remainings of Disprezzo formed Giuda,a fast crust-japcore band, very good. Disprezzo's guitar player plays bass aslo in Disarm, italian powefuckingviolence.

Download here Disprezzo
They had a website once containing their excellent lyrics, but looks like it expired, so here's some Shitspace page

This Time Next Year

I saw a post in the Tapuz punk forum a few days ago by "gorecore" criticizing this blog for posting "the leftovers" album, so dude, here's another one and even more "popy" 4 u to write about…
This time next year - are a bay area (san francisco) band. They play pop-punk with some hardcore touch 2 it; kinnda reminds me of Set your goals but more pop-punk..
Oh n I'm not gonna post the lyrics coz its still pop-punk and it's just not interesting,
but, if u really wanna sing along go 2

A place for you