Wednesday, March 26, 2008


First of all, what's wrong with all of u here??!!
Its been way 2 long since anyone uploaded anything here, so com'on start bombin'!!
Common enemy plays thrash/skatecore it's all about skate, booze and circle pit (by the way what's the deal with no circle pit in fucking isra-hell, huh??) which means their music is fun, fast and crazy.They come from Reading, Pennsylvania n they have 4 records so far.
n with songs like "build ramps not bombs", "thrashing under the influence", n "skate that shit" u just can't stay indifferent.



anarchopie said...

hey raz! itsd really good band you're posting. yeah, really sux this abscence of circle pits. next good show is elbows in faces!

barvaz said...

i already gave up hope, but if u realy promise then...