Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pygmy Lush

Pygmy Lush are a six-piece band from Sterling, Virgina. they play an eclectic mix of hardcore at various tempos, depressing folk, and some emotional tendencies of screamo. They were formed by ex-members of pg. 99 and Majority Rule. Their first realease, Bitter River was put out by Robotic Empire in 2007. They already recorded and mastered their new album, called Mount Hope, which is supposed to be released soon through Lovitt Records.




Anonymous said...

Not only ex Pg.99 but also ex City of Caterpillar as well as ex malady.

Enrique said...

Mount Hope is really a great album. one of my all time faves. that whole pg.,malady,city of caterpillar, group of guys really make amazing stuff.