Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Leadershit - Self Titled LP 2006

Crust punk is probably the genre that evolved/changed less than any other in punk (well, maybe except Oi! and Streetpunk). There was always something about the stench in it sounds and in its thrashy riffs that made me really enjoy it as repetitive as it could be. Lately, anyhow, specially after travlling europe a bit, I realized that nowdays there's almost no band that can excite me in this genre. Seriously, for how longer can we continue copying riffs from Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Tragedy without even making it any better (still never found a better D-beat band than Discharge even if its probably the most copied music ever created by mankind). So here half of the stuff I had on my computer went erased, as I started to seek for new exciting new crust bands. Somehow, the few new things I found come from the States or far East. Except from few really good polish, spanish and italian bands, Europe crust is fucking dead and is just getting from bad to worse.
So here I'm posting Leadershit, for those who are convinced that nothing can really come out of crust anymore, cause these dudes fucking rock. They're from Spain, rising from ashes of excellent bands like Ekkaia, Cop On Fire and some others I can't remember the name, they play stoning melodic crust-hardcore. Emotional, aggressive, dark and good. Usually I'm not really into this melodic bla bla bla but I assure that this is worth the shit. Remember Ekkaia? Well, make it more interesting and add some death metal, rock'n'roll and good ol'hardcore punk to the boring d-beat, sometimes reminds even His Hero Is Gone. This LP came out on 2006 and since then I think they released a split with some other Spanish band called Derrota, which I don't know.I read their lyrics once on a record some friend has and it was really intense and deep, hope I'll be able to find it on the web again.
Download it, cause they're really worth it.

Leadershit - S/T


Totoxa said...

hey... can you post the lyrics of this album??? pleaasee


Thank you, this album is fantastic.