Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my mega sludge post

for all the the stoners around here you go...

'16' from california. i realy like their kind of stoner/core and nice vox.
zoloft smile
scott case unreleased meterial and cool stuff

Llange from indiana. they play this psychedelic sludge with atmospheric parts that moves into a breaking heavy riffs. great for smoking and fall asleep...
The Conqueror Worm

tusk from portland plays good music. the next album is a single 37 minutes song divided into 4 tracks. i realy like it.
the resisting dreamer

and the best of all KNUT from switzerland. one of my favorite bands lately. they play realy good, im afraid to say math-core but its somewhere between hardcore and sludge for sure. every album i heard was a blast i hope you enjoy like i did...
they put out alot of albums, ep's and stuff. this 2 is older than the rest...

i guess its enough for today. c ya around.
p.s - no matter what NOFX is the best band in history.

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