Monday, March 31, 2008

PANACEJA "Mrtav Život" CD

So here's another great fast band for you. Panaceja come from Croatia (by the way, check out Senata Fox on Aga's blog, Lost In City Of Echoes, another great balkan band). I discovered them through the compilation I posted here some while ago, "Euro Thrash Retribution", and their sounds just made me dig in soulseek for long time till I found some other stuff of them. They play sort of fast-core, similar in some parts to Czech school of Gride, Lycanthrophy, Lahar and friends. Anyhow, they mix a lot of elements in their music, slow parts, crusty riffs, power-violence, grind etc.etc, and they do it really fucking good. As far as I know they released also some splits but this is the only full length I was able to find. Enjoy!

Download Here

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