Monday, March 31, 2008

Thrashington DC - To Live And Die In BMO

Hello! Just got out of some weeks of laziness to spread great message of fast music to beautiful world. So here I give you Thrashington DC. They come from France: frogs legs, horrible food, even worse football, Eifel Tower, Sarkozi, Ultra Vomit.....France! Well, usually french music sucks (except some really good hip hop), but this is a band worth checking. They come from a shithole called Brest (or as they call it BMO - Breste Metropole Oceane) and play excellent americanized thrash'hardcore in vein of of Bones Brigade and friends. Short songs, aing-alongy elements and two covers (minor threat and beastie boys!). They didn't invent something new, nor emotionally excite me, they just make me smile.

To Live And Die In BMO

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