Monday, March 3, 2008


"Admittedly, it doesn't happen every day that you think a band's got an absolute psycho at the mic. Of course, people always claim that, for example, Devin of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD is only a few screws shy of a hardware store, but let this be known: he who does not know SWARRRM has not yet looked into the face of true madness.

SWARRRM hail from Japan. SWARRRM play Grindcore. By now, it may be dawning on some of you what exactly is in store for the listener. And what would that be? On a superficial level, the usual Grindcore thrashing: the very heaviest blast beat storms, incoherent guitar shredding—so far nothing out of the usual. But then the vocalist, one Hatada, comes into play. And at that point, you'll have to drop all comparisons to other grind bands. Forget NASUM. Forget NAPALM DEATH. Forget everything you've considered insane screaming up to this point. Hatada launches the ultimate in angry, self-destructive hatred right into your face before he pushes the button and blows the whole fucking place to kingdom come together with himself and you..."

Against Again was out in 2000. they also had a new cd out last year called Black Bong.


Against Again

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definitly some surprising discovery. thanks for this one!!!!!