Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hark! It's A Crawling Tar-Tar - Dorr Darr Gellap Communique

This is some good discovery. This band comes from Indonesia, as far as I understood, and besides that, I seriously know nothing about them. I just know it was one of the best downloads I did in the last month. They play some kind of very atmospheric crust hardcore, with some metal influences, epic bullshit, scandi-core, thrash riffs, synthethyizers and effects. Something between His Hero Is Gone, Fall Of Efrafa and local Achzavoth. Anyhow, with such a name, could a band play bad?
I post here also a clip from the their show, that besides first hillarious 30 seconds is great.

Live Clip
Dorr Darr Gellap Communique CD


ginger said...

thanx for that one!! yay!

DogArgentina said...

hey brother thanx for the comment and for the cooperation also?
i dont have problem to rip any of what i upload but i think you should mention the blogs that you are ripping and ask them first if they have a problem with that.
very nice blog i will sent you links that i think you will enjoy!
hark is a great band and im waiting for any new release!
supporting d.i.y bands is not only to buy their records but also to hear them and share them!
fuck copyrights death to business!

Isanatungga said...

You should listen to 'Domestik Doktrin'. Check them out here:

Same vocalist as Hark! They kick major ass