Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gride splits

Here are some three awesome bands I discovered in the last year. Gride are czech, and in the best tradition of this fastasfuck country their keyword is speed. Some people call it "hc/grind", some others "thrashcore", and some gave their genre the name "fastcore"choose yourself. I just know they're good and not boring at all. long melodic songs, fast and kicking ass (mostly), their shows should be amazing (obscene extreme 2008 anyone?) The lyrics, which I'll post on the other blogs, are very good as well. They deal with alienation of the single in modern society and problems that everyday life gives us as religion, oppression, work, hatred, frustration etc..
The first split is with dutch Cockroach thrashcores. I heard them first time on a dutch hardcore compilation, but as far as I heard the 4 tracks on this split are the best recorded. Really good one!
Second split is with co-national female fronted all-mighty Lycanthropy. This band is militant already for many years. Czech as Gride, they play kinda the same genre just with alternated male-female vocals. These pissed off boemes are masters of speed and fastcore as it should be.

Play fast or sludge, enjoy

Gride Website
Lycanthrophy Website

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