Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"let the soul out and cut the vein" is for sure some kind of masterpiece. their full length album from 2001 that came out on earache records (major?).


Monday, April 21, 2008


great australian oldschool grindcore with newschool sound (?)
new album from 2008 "symphonies of slackness"


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CADAVER EYES - no time to haste

the first cadver eyes album from 2002, maybe the best ever was.



RUBUFASO MOKUFO is a great new band from czech rep. playing that goregringcore only czech bands know how. featuring ex members from cerebral tureblency. they play this year in obscene extreme.
OPITZ another great new band from czech rep. playing it faster then you thought could be... featuring ex members from contrastic (cyber grindcore czech legend?).
great split.
download here

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ridiculously fukking great

i like to post things for my self. i dont care no one's watching what a write or download what i post. i just cant stop doing it.

the best band ive heard this week till now is "whourkr" a two men french very sane cyebrgrind band featuring "igorrr", a speedcore and hardcore techno producer and "i snor" that i dont know who he is. they play it very good. electronic grind beats with guttural vox and noise fx breakdowns. fukking awsome.
here is the first full length album from 2007 called 'naat'. and they are currently recording a new album that i cant wait to hear.


Saturday, April 5, 2008


this is a cyber grind one man project from Oregon usa. neil smith plays all instruments and vocals and makes some kind of gorry drum machined grindcore. i remeber i found it on soulseek one day and after that i found the original cd at some guy's album atand at the obscene extreme. i made a rip of that cd so theres no track list when you open it but here you go.

amusing anacdotes for the depraved

1.Kill for the Master01:15
2.Basement Depravities01:11
4.Amputation Celebration01:02
5.The God of Cum Filled Open Wounds01:01
6.Gutted Bitch Porno00:35
7.Cannibal Buffet of Putrid Genitalia01:17
8.Ultra Pervo01:11
9.Knife Induced Degradation00:48
10.Masturbating in the Blood Dripping From The Dangling Freshly Butchered Corpse Of A 2 Year Old Child00:59
11.Hypnotic Gore00:56
12.Limb Separation Syndrome00:30
13.Sexually Violated with a Power Drill00:48
14.Taboo Rituals00:50
15.Gallery of Mangled Whore Flesh00:49
16.Torso Fucktoy00:38
17.Parcine Bondage Rape Machine00:48
18.Exploited Meathook Candy00:53
19.Cum and See the Amazing Deformed Dildo Psycho Cunt Mangler00:51
20.The Evisceration Obsession00:57
21.Catharsis Through Utter Vaginal Disfigurement01:23
22.The Evil Lord of Destruction 66600:43
23.Stalk and Slash01:00
24.Return of the Whore Butcher00:41
25.Surrealistic Blood Bath00:37
26.Night of the Clit Slasher00:52
27.Psycho Sexual Machete Frenzy00:58
29.Salacious Motives00:50
31.Zombie Sex Slaves00:58
32.The Chainsaw. It Makes for a Convenient Dismemberment00:24
33.The Time Has Come to Kill Insanely and Rape Uncontrollably00:56
35.What Was Left I Kept and Molested in Various Ways00:30
36.Splatter Holocaust01:03
37.The Feast00:24
38.Now You Die00:52
39.The Secret Life of Maniac Killer00:52
40.Mine Forever01:00
41.Gutted Worthless Victim00:31
42.Slicing Your Throat and Watching You Bleed in Amazement01:01
43.The Resurrection and the End...00:48

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

STICKOXYDAL gore grind from belarus

(this one is for oleg if he's watching)
fukking awsome band i discovered yesterday and i wonder how it took me so long. they play crazy gore grind in the veins of C.B.T, ROMPERPROP, THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING etc... slow grooves and guttural pitch shifted abnormal vocals transformed into grind attacks and screaching chants and as i said they are from Maladzechna belarus wich is cool cause i never saw a gore grind band from there before. they are signed on BIZZARE LEPROUS PROD. realy good czech grind label with bands like SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, JIG AI, ROMPERPROP, MINCING FURY AND GUTTURAL CLAMOUR OF QWEER DEACY and more. heres is two albums
Obstetrical Collection
The Perverted Position Of Interiors

Entrails massacre - crucial strikes with attitude

im not a big fan of german bands but this one i like. they come from rostok and they play grindcore with hardcore to death metal influence. they here since 1990 made allot of splits and only one full length album as far as i know, so here it is.