Saturday, April 5, 2008


this is a cyber grind one man project from Oregon usa. neil smith plays all instruments and vocals and makes some kind of gorry drum machined grindcore. i remeber i found it on soulseek one day and after that i found the original cd at some guy's album atand at the obscene extreme. i made a rip of that cd so theres no track list when you open it but here you go.

amusing anacdotes for the depraved

1.Kill for the Master01:15
2.Basement Depravities01:11
4.Amputation Celebration01:02
5.The God of Cum Filled Open Wounds01:01
6.Gutted Bitch Porno00:35
7.Cannibal Buffet of Putrid Genitalia01:17
8.Ultra Pervo01:11
9.Knife Induced Degradation00:48
10.Masturbating in the Blood Dripping From The Dangling Freshly Butchered Corpse Of A 2 Year Old Child00:59
11.Hypnotic Gore00:56
12.Limb Separation Syndrome00:30
13.Sexually Violated with a Power Drill00:48
14.Taboo Rituals00:50
15.Gallery of Mangled Whore Flesh00:49
16.Torso Fucktoy00:38
17.Parcine Bondage Rape Machine00:48
18.Exploited Meathook Candy00:53
19.Cum and See the Amazing Deformed Dildo Psycho Cunt Mangler00:51
20.The Evisceration Obsession00:57
21.Catharsis Through Utter Vaginal Disfigurement01:23
22.The Evil Lord of Destruction 66600:43
23.Stalk and Slash01:00
24.Return of the Whore Butcher00:41
25.Surrealistic Blood Bath00:37
26.Night of the Clit Slasher00:52
27.Psycho Sexual Machete Frenzy00:58
29.Salacious Motives00:50
31.Zombie Sex Slaves00:58
32.The Chainsaw. It Makes for a Convenient Dismemberment00:24
33.The Time Has Come to Kill Insanely and Rape Uncontrollably00:56
35.What Was Left I Kept and Molested in Various Ways00:30
36.Splatter Holocaust01:03
37.The Feast00:24
38.Now You Die00:52
39.The Secret Life of Maniac Killer00:52
40.Mine Forever01:00
41.Gutted Worthless Victim00:31
42.Slicing Your Throat and Watching You Bleed in Amazement01:01
43.The Resurrection and the End...00:48

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Anonymous said...

where can i download this album, your link doesn't has files anymore...