Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ridiculously fukking great

i like to post things for my self. i dont care no one's watching what a write or download what i post. i just cant stop doing it.

the best band ive heard this week till now is "whourkr" a two men french very sane cyebrgrind band featuring "igorrr", a speedcore and hardcore techno producer and "i snor" that i dont know who he is. they play it very good. electronic grind beats with guttural vox and noise fx breakdowns. fukking awsome.
here is the first full length album from 2007 called 'naat'. and they are currently recording a new album that i cant wait to hear.



ginger said...

not true! I always read what you write and i really like lots of bands that you posted! keep on posting good shit!

anarchopie said...

yeah except some noizy shit what you post is good. damn, my computer-s out so for a while post for me