Friday, September 5, 2008

Minf Of Asian - Akai Hana EP

And now for something completely sick. Remember Flagitious Idiosyncracy In The Dilapidation? Those four little cute japanese girls grinding th shit out of their guitars? So here's for you their thrash-powerviolence version. I caught these girls on an japanese thrash compilation and my brain went litterally nuts. Their music is basicly a very fast form of hardcore based on crazy blastbeats and japanese yells, I dont have a lot of things to compare this shit too. This is insane, listen to it yourself.

Thanx Nadav for this one

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discarga - Musica Pra Guerra

Jesus fuckin christ naked with an apple in his mouth!!! Few days ago I posted first Discarga's release mainly cause I couldnt find anywhere on the web their last record "Musica Pra Guerra" which release was followed by an european tour this summer.
Compared to this, the other records get from "awesome" to "nice". In this last LP these three crazy brazilian thrashers push themselves to the limit finding a balanced and explosive sound which makes their music sound much aggressive than ever. Speed has no limits and bass lines kick ass (there's a reason why the share bass player with Ratos De Porao). If you ever have a chance to catch their live, dont loose the opportunity to see this hardcore lesson.

This is a fucking must, and the lack of comments on this blog sucks, so leave a fucking comment before or after you download you babyfuckers

Monday, September 1, 2008

Scared of Chaka - Crossing with switchblades

Lot's of goodies in this album. Mainly: rock'n'roll - punk influenced, 60's garage, melodic and electrifying vocals tunes.

the album was released in 2001, and it's more alive then lot's of pop-punk albums that was released in the 90's. It's the band's last album and you should repeat it all day long like I do.

2001 but enjoyable like the 70's


LYRICS (just in case)