Friday, September 5, 2008

Minf Of Asian - Akai Hana EP

And now for something completely sick. Remember Flagitious Idiosyncracy In The Dilapidation? Those four little cute japanese girls grinding th shit out of their guitars? So here's for you their thrash-powerviolence version. I caught these girls on an japanese thrash compilation and my brain went litterally nuts. Their music is basicly a very fast form of hardcore based on crazy blastbeats and japanese yells, I dont have a lot of things to compare this shit too. This is insane, listen to it yourself.

Thanx Nadav for this one


R.B. said...

זה מוריד לי את זה בתור קבצי תמונות
מה לעשות?

anarchopie said...

ניסיתי ולי זה עבד בנזונה , לא יודע, תנסה שוב או הנה לך לינק אלטרנטיבי

Anonymous said...

hey dude, i have had you blog on my link list for ages! mind returning the favor?

Thanks in advance!

control delete said...

its been done

thinkpad20 said...

Awesome! This is intense stuff! Thanks

Anonymous said...

download link is not valid