Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Discarga - Musica Pra Guerra

Jesus fuckin christ naked with an apple in his mouth!!! Few days ago I posted first Discarga's release mainly cause I couldnt find anywhere on the web their last record "Musica Pra Guerra" which release was followed by an european tour this summer.
Compared to this, the other records get from "awesome" to "nice". In this last LP these three crazy brazilian thrashers push themselves to the limit finding a balanced and explosive sound which makes their music sound much aggressive than ever. Speed has no limits and bass lines kick ass (there's a reason why the share bass player with Ratos De Porao). If you ever have a chance to catch their live, dont loose the opportunity to see this hardcore lesson.

This is a fucking must, and the lack of comments on this blog sucks, so leave a fucking comment before or after you download you babyfuckers


Anonymous said...

אם תמשיך ככה אני אחזור לשמוע פאנק, הארדקור וקראסט.

חלאס אם דיסקו.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks man! see ya around.

control delete said...

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Mikael Sörling said...

Great post, thanx.


huds on said...

hey, man. I´m from brazil, and Discarga is a fuckin awesome band. They´re amazing live, I´ve seen them live once, cheapest entrance ticket ever.


CVrecs said...

Saw them live in barcelona on the tour. Im even wearing the tour shirt right now! jajaja
Great band and great people! i have lots of pics of them!
Nice blog! i wrote you a mail for trade!

martyn. said...

please re-up :)

Butch said...

thanx man!

CosmicFugue said...

lack of comments...yeah, i know how that feels. lol. great post.

gabriel do valle said...

Brazilian dude here, have seen these guys once, favorite fucking band and best fucking show ever.

Almighty Bongzilla said...

great post! thanks a lot pal :)