Monday, July 21, 2008


once again i am proud to introduce you, DAVE WITTE, the unstoppable drumanoid!
this time I'm talking about EAST WEST BLAST TEST. a collaboration project with Chris Dodge from SPAZZ! (one of the best powerviolence bands ever!). they are plying great but weird music that is hard to define, some parts sound to me like a REAL grindcore version of naked city or a liquid-jazzy version of bad acid trip, i don't know.
this is highly recommended!!!

download here

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heavy Heavy Low Low - Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock

New album to the fucked up experimental hardcore band, based in San Jose, USA. This is the band's second LP, the other one was released last year and was called Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching and was a killer. Don't miss this shit!

Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching

also, check out israeli M.E.S.S' 2 new songs in their myspace!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

thrashin' japan

all these bands have, as da title implies at least 2 things in common: thrash n japan.
as always fun short songs played fast!
razors edge
idol punch
BBQ chickens
indie rock strikes back
jellroll rockheads
n lots more from dis bands at dis blog


check this nice blog called "zen and the art of face punching".
alot of hardcore/post-hardcore/rock and other cool stuff

Friday, July 11, 2008

Neanderthal - fighting music

take one guy from infest (matt domino) and another guy that later will form man is the bastard (eric wood) and you get NEANDERTHAL. some say they are the first powerviolence band, i think they are definitely an integral part of the hardcore/powerviolence evolution.
the 'Man is the bastard' family tree seems bigger every day, bands like crossed out, no comment, pissed happy children, infest and few others definitely shaped what we know today as powerviolence.
no more words, this is more then a great album!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

108 - A New Beat from a Dead Heart

108 are an american hardcore band. They formed back in 91, after the break-up of Inside Out, by the Hare Krishna devotees Vraja Kishor das (aka Vic DiCara) and Rasaraja dasa (aka Rob Fish). After releasing several full lengths through Equal Vision Records, they broke up in 1996, and DiCara relocated to India and became a monk. 9 years later, the band decided to get together again, and in 2006 they released a 2CD album of some b-sides they never released. In 2007 they released their first fresh album in 10 years, produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge, fittingly called A New Beat from A Dead Heart. Even after so many years they still fucking rule.

Listen @ Deathwish Inc.

Friday, July 4, 2008

short music for short people

ok so hopefully not many of u know dis. dis is a really great compilation with only 30 seconds or less songs, with lots of great bands, mostly punkrock. its kinnda old but its great great fun!

think it can go good when its 2 hot, n u got sick of whining about it so u can eat some fruit n ignore da constent noise from the fan

almost forgot! thanx 4 the circle pit last mondogecko show...


n da pass is: strenghtcrew

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Achilles - Hospice

Achilles are hailing from the US, playing some real sweet and refreshing melodic hardcore punk with a cool experimental twist in it. They might be newschool as fuck, but they sure kick some serious ass. Hospice was released last year and ever since I can't stop listening to it, and is one I'm really proud to own.

Rapidshare pass:

man is the bastard - the brutality continues


this is a great album from the great great band MAN IS THE BASTARD, this band contributed a whole lot of values to the experimental hardcore punk scene. they are coming from claremont, california. they existed from 1991-1997, and preached about politics and social awerness, playing their raw hardcore/powerviolence sometimes slow, sometimes slower... later on members from MITB formed BASTARD NOISE an experimental noise group ( .
this album SUM OF MEN/THE BRUTALITY CONTINUES first came out in 91, this is the reisuued version from 96 with more 24 tracks added to the original 8.
those guys also related to the band PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN also a good oldschool hardcore band, you can listen them here

click here for enlightenment

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ratos De Porao - Another Crime In... Massacreland

Absolutely fucking wonderful... Some of you (most, probably), already know this brazilian legend. Well, if you dont you should, cause these dudes have a big lesson in hardcore to teach everyone. They started out back in 1980 playing aside other great brazilian bands like Lobotomia. Back then they used to play some sort of GBH Varukers style Raw Punk. Since then till last "Homen Inimigo De Homen" they released 13 full length albums spacing between most extreme genres of hardcore, from d'beat to crossover thrash. This album came out on 1994 and among with "Anarkophobia" is their bast thrash crossover act. Fast, raw, 13 counts of headbanging hardcore a la S.O.D. all sang in portuguese. What could ever be better than this??
I heard bass player of allmighty brazilian thrashcore Discarga plays there now. The singer, known as "El Gordo" is also a VJ on brazilian MTV.

Thrash it up right here