Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ratos De Porao - Another Crime In... Massacreland

Absolutely fucking wonderful... Some of you (most, probably), already know this brazilian legend. Well, if you dont you should, cause these dudes have a big lesson in hardcore to teach everyone. They started out back in 1980 playing aside other great brazilian bands like Lobotomia. Back then they used to play some sort of GBH Varukers style Raw Punk. Since then till last "Homen Inimigo De Homen" they released 13 full length albums spacing between most extreme genres of hardcore, from d'beat to crossover thrash. This album came out on 1994 and among with "Anarkophobia" is their bast thrash crossover act. Fast, raw, 13 counts of headbanging hardcore a la S.O.D. all sang in portuguese. What could ever be better than this??
I heard bass player of allmighty brazilian thrashcore Discarga plays there now. The singer, known as "El Gordo" is also a VJ on brazilian MTV.

Thrash it up right here

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