Thursday, July 3, 2008

man is the bastard - the brutality continues


this is a great album from the great great band MAN IS THE BASTARD, this band contributed a whole lot of values to the experimental hardcore punk scene. they are coming from claremont, california. they existed from 1991-1997, and preached about politics and social awerness, playing their raw hardcore/powerviolence sometimes slow, sometimes slower... later on members from MITB formed BASTARD NOISE an experimental noise group ( .
this album SUM OF MEN/THE BRUTALITY CONTINUES first came out in 91, this is the reisuued version from 96 with more 24 tracks added to the original 8.
those guys also related to the band PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN also a good oldschool hardcore band, you can listen them here

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control delete said...

check out this blog!

(i used my own link for the mitb album)

lastthrowsofresistance said...

i am still missing a few of this bands records. thanks, this will round out the collection till i can fin the vinyl in the used bid.

Sean said...

And don't forget Wood's work with the guys from Infest in the 'Neanderthal', some of the greatest tunes ever written.