Sunday, May 4, 2008

Milizia HC - L'Inferno Dell'Uguaglianza LP

Hi everyone, sorry for my long abscence but unless someone finds me an hamster willing to run on a wheel to make my computer turn on i'll have to continue posting abusively like now.
Anyhow, back to our businness. I remember first time i listened to Milizia Hc back in 2004 and hell, I didn't like it. Just another random hardcore band. Few weeks ago, though, I had the chance to listen to their last full length and hell, I was amazed. What used to be Lo-Fi out of time old school hardcore yaani, became heavyfuckinthrashy fast hardcore as everyone should like. This politically militant sXe (or at least part of the members) band hails from Padova (for you Padua) and it was formed in 2003. In they same year they released the demo ''Fratellanza, Coesione'' followed in 2004 by the LP ''Militant Hardcore''.
2006's "L'Inferno Dell'uguaglianza" anyhow is their best release by far. Nothing new, just 11 tracks spitted on somebody's face with no mercy, high speed and a lot of rage (singer's screams are amazing), all of it followed by simple but excellent heavy sound. Lyrics are everything but PC or standartic, going from pure personal nihilistic frustration, to more politically aware stuff ("Avamposto Di Irrazionalita'" is probably thestongest text, in which the band contexts the absurdity in the base of Israeli's state existence and dominion of other population).
I never had the chance to see them live, since they broke up few months after this LP release. Members went on to form fastcore supergroup AntiSexy, which you should check out.

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disco crustie said...

yeah its great man, really good band yaani. i have that album!