Sunday, August 31, 2008

Discarga - Happy Night Electric Experience

Fuck yeah, I'm back with an (almost) working computer after two months away to poison blogfreaks again with killer music. First band I'm gonna post are Brazilian Thrash-killers Discarga. I already posted an old split of them with I Shot Cyrus though I undervaluted their side of the 12" back then. Hell, I saw these dudes 4 times this summer without getting bored even once. They're only three and they thrash more than a zombie army attack on a 80's splatter movie. This is their first (and one of the best) release: insane rythms lovers, portuguese sing-along freaks, this is for you!


Anonymous said...

Fucking sick. Thanks

toxik boys said...

fucking classic here, in southamerica

thanx for spreading this music