Sunday, November 23, 2008

Death Before Work - Messageboard Punx On A Rope

As Tom said, it's never too late for reviving this blog with fast music. So here's a great way to begin the day. Death Before Work bring us killer play-fast-bandana-core straight from Milan, this is their first release. I saw them one time few months ago and it was for sure the most refreshening thing I've been seeing in Italy for long time, and definitly one of the best bands rockin the old continent nowdays. The influences go clearly from good ol' crossover acts as Cryptic Slaughter to more recent thrashcore stuff like What Happens Next?, Crucial Unit and Common Enemy with a big touch of grining blast beats a la Terrorizer. Another cool thing to mention about them is their lyrics, that deal with any kind of subject ironicly (just check the second pic in the post). Their song titles are some of the most original I read lately: from the first "I listen to the Smiths but also to Deicide,m so what?" through "I live too close to my workplace so i can't listen to all my tapes" till "Bologna has a good scene, too bad i live in Milano".
I already posted sometime ago a great split of them with Rome's piercing grind masters Comrades which you can get right here. Forgot something? Some of their members played in other grat bands like Sswiissh and Nervi. Download and play veeery loud

Messageboard Punx On A Rope

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