Thursday, January 31, 2008

Biała Gorączka - Pływy (Fever - Tides)

Hey boys and girls, I'm Gutzy, the new guy.

Today I have this amazingly fun album from Polish anarcho-punkers Biała Gorączka. It's a band I came across while touring alongside Brutal Assault last Septmeber. Our driver was playing this in his van's CD player and I just couldn't ignore how great this stuff is.

15 tracks of somewhat folk-influenced punk rock that makes you dance. Frantic drummer, killer sing-alongs, you probably wouldn't figure out the lyrics unless you speak Polish, but these guys at least seem to sing about politics, and really take their own words seriously. I just love the music, anyways. I guess some songs are better than others, but this bean will definitely make your coffee hotter.

Points of interest:
- Tracks 4 and 8 have dangerously addictive sing-along parts. You've been warned.
- Biała Gorączka apparently stands for 'White Fever', not just Fever. However, the band decided to translate it to 'Fever' so they wouldn't be confused as a white power band, which makes sense, because I've never heard about any disease called 'White Fever' (Google suggests it means Tuberculosis), but it probably means something in Polish. That's definitely the Kosher thing to do, anyways.

The album is released on Nik Nikt Nie Wie. If you're familiar with Polish Punk/Hardcore, you probably know about this label. If you don't, check out their excellent catalog!

Click here to download this album


aga said...

The label is called Nikt Nic Nie Wie, what means nobody knows nothing. :)

anarchopie said...

pa parapapapa parapapa papa pa pa paaaaaaaaa
one of best cds i downloaded

alon said...

Thanks i was looking for that for a long time