Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Negazione - Condannati a morte nel vostro quieto vivere 7" EP

This record meant to me a huge step in building my mental and musical identity.
Negazione from Turin was one of the best bands that played during the fourious years of italian hardcore (early-mid eighties) among other complexes as Raw Power, Wretched, Indigesti, Declino, Nerorgasmo etc.. Negazione emerged from the ashes of 5#Braccio, a local outspoken anarchist hardcore band. Zazzo (voice), Marco (bass) and Tax (guitar) were the core of the band, and they had to deal with many different drummers during their long period of activity (83-92).
Condannati... is the third release of the band, which came after the split tape with Declino "Mucchio Selvaggio" and the infamous Tutti Pazzi EP.
This Ep, which contains 5 tracks, is the summary of Negazione's best style, speed, sound and lyrics. The influences are various, mostly american and british hardcore, but the product is definitly unique compared to anything circulating in that period (Zazzo's voice was defined as one of the hardest to imitate in hardcore). From the disturbing notes beginning "noi.." to the concluding "incubo di morte" through the passionate chorus of "tutto dentro" this record is a master piece. A must-have to any fan of music and hardcore.

"too short a day, too fast a night,
too long a whole season with no light to survive.
too long an istant, too much never-ending a moment
too short a life to show you how much i hate you" (Ancora Qui)

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