Monday, December 1, 2008

Discordance Axis Discography

This one is for Tom. I've uploaded everything I have by Discordance Axis, which includes all 3 studio releases and EP's as well as most of their splits minus the one they did with the Japanese Cyber/Industrial band Def Master (Which I can't find anywhere,) and a couple of live recordings.

The "Original Sound Version" compilation includes the complete "Ulterior" LP plus several demo/rehearsal versions of the same songs as well as just about every split released before 1995. "Our Last Day" is a tribute album of some sort, featuring cover songs by Japanese grind bands such as Gate and Mortalized, as well as Melt-Banana, Merzbow and Joe Chang's Gridlink, in addition to a hilarious bunch of covers by 8bit grinders Cide Projekt.


Full releases
Ulterior (1995)
Jouhou (1997)
The Inalienable Dreamless (2000)

Splits & EP's
Split w/ Cosmic Hurse (1992)
Split w/ Hellchild (1993)
Split w/ Capitalist Casualties (1994)
Split w/ Melt-Banana (1995)
Split w/ Plutocracy (1995)
Necropolitan EP 7'' (1997)
Split w/ Corrupted & 324 (2001)

Compilations & Live recordings
Original Sound Version 1992-1995 (1998)
Our Last Day (2005)
Live in NYC
Live in NYC @ CBGB's (2000)
Pikadourei (2002)


anarchopie said...

wow! what a hell of an upload!!! now i have some stuff to do at home! you liran yanir's brother?

Liran said...

Yep, the very one.

anarchopie said...

so welcome man, happy you joined our big family

Powerdog said...

Fantastic upload! Thanks a ton.

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thanks a mill bro

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